World Cricket Championship 3 V1.4.6 (Unlimited Platinum ,Money)

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Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world, enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds. If you’re a fan of cricket, or just want to try something new, then you’ll love World Cricket Championship 3 mod APK. This amazing game allows you to play as your favorite team, in awesome real-world stadiums, against teams from around the globe. You can also compete in exciting tournaments, or simply enjoy a casual match with friends. So what are you waiting for? Download World Cricket Championship 3 mod APK now and start enjoying one of the best cricket games out there!

What is wcc3 mod APK?

World Cricket Championship 3 mod APK is a modified version of the popular cricket game that allows you to access all of the features of the game for free. This includes unlimited money and coins, which allows you to purchase new players and upgrade your team without having to worry about running out of resources. Additionally, the mod also removes all ads from the game, making it a more enjoyable experience overall.

World Cricket Championship 3


World Cricket Championship 3 (WCC3) is a mobile cricket game developed and published by Nextwave Multimedia. The game was released on 26 January 2018 for iOS and Android.

WCC3 is a free-to-play mobile cricket game that lets you play as your favourite cricket teams from around the world in fully licensed leagues and tournaments. You can also create your own team of players, improve their skills and take them to the top of the rankings.

The features of WCC3 include:

– Fully licensed cricket teams from around the world, including all the major International sides such as India, Pakistan, England, Australia and more.

– compete in official ICC tournaments such as the T20 World Cup, ODI World Cup and Champions Trophy.

– create and manage your own team of players, improving their skills as you progress.

– Take on other players from around the world in 1-on-1 matches or in tournament play.

– realistic 3D graphics that bring the cricket action to life.

– simple yet addictive gameplay that will keep you hooked for hours.


There are several advantages to using the World Cricket Championship 3 mod APK. The first is that it provides unlimited coins and cash, which allows you to purchase all of the upgrades and players you need without having to worry about running out of funds. Additionally, the mod APK also provides a number of other features and bonuses that aren’t available in the standard game, such as unlimited stamina and no ads. Overall, the mod APK offers a much more enjoyable gaming experience than the regular game does.


World cricket championship 3 mod apk has a lot of disadvantages. One of the most blatant disadvantages is the fact that it is a pirated and illegal copy of the game. The original game is developed and released by a legitimate company, while this mod is an illegal and unauthorized copy. This means that any time you play this game, you’re breaking the law. In addition, since this game is a pirated copy, it’s likely that it contains malware and other malicious code designed to harm your device or steal your information.

Another disadvantage of world cricket championship 3 mod apk is that it lacks the official licenses from cricket bodies like ICC and BCCI. This results in many rules and teams being inaccurate, which takes away from the realism of the game. Additionally, because the game is unlicensed, it’s not backed by any real-world cricket organizations, meaning that there’s no customer support if you encounter any issues while playing.

So overall, while world cricket championship 3 mod Apk does have some advantages, the disadvantages far outweigh them.

Mod intro:

The mod intro of World Cricket Championship 3 mod APK is an exciting and action-packed opening sequence that sets the tone for the game. It features fast-paced cricket action, amazing graphics, and thumping music that gets your adrenaline pumping. The mod intro is a great way to get excited for the game and to get in the cricketing mood.

After the mod intro, you’re taken to the main menu where you can choose from a variety of game modes, including Quick Match, Test Match, ODI Series, and T20 Series. You can also create your own custom tournament by choosing your teams, venues, and overs. Once you’ve selected your game mode and options.

World Cricket Championship 3

Mod features:

The features of the World Cricket Championship 3 mod APK include:

* Unlimited money:

You’ll have an unlimited amount of cash to spend on upgrading your players and team.

* Unlimited coins:

You’ll also have an unlimited number of coins, which can be used to purchase new players or unlock bonus features.

* No ads:

All of the annoying ads that appear in the game will be removed, allowing you to enjoy a uninterrupted game play experience.

* Unlimited stamina:

You’ll never have to worry about your stamina running out, meaning you can play for as long as you want.

* All features unlocked:

All of the features in the game will be unlocked from the start, allowing you to fully enjoy all that the game has to offer.

The mod Apk provides a better gaming experience with no ads, unlocked players and stadiums, and unlimited money. It offers superior graphics to the original game.


The Wcc3 Mod APK is a popular modification of the original WCC cricket game for Android devices. The modded version offers players enhanced graphics and features, as well as the ability to play as any international cricket team. The game is free to download and install, but does include in-app purchases.

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