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App NameWhatsApp Sniffer APK
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Requires Android2.1 and Plus
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WhatsApp Sniffer is an Android app that can be used to spy on WhatsApp conversations. The app was developed by a group of developers known as the “Exploit Laboratory” and it allows you to view the chat history of any WhatsApp user, even if they are not in your contacts list. The app is also able to extract media files from conversations. The Exploit Laboratory has released a step-by-step guide on how to use the WhatsApp Sniffer APK, so if you are interested in learning more about this app, be sure to check out their website.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a more reliable way to spy on WhatsApp conversations, then I would recommend using a tool like mSpy. mSpy is a professional monitoring solution that offers a lot of features, including the ability to view WhatsApp chats.

What is WhatsApp Sniffer APK?

WhatsApp Sniffer is an Android app that lets you view and read WhatsApp messages of other people who are on the same WhatsApp network as you.

However, it should be noted that this application only works on rooted Android devices. Once you have installed the app, you will need to provide it with the target user’s WhatsApp ID in order to start sniffing their conversations. APKNIKE

WhatsApp Sniffer APK

Benefits of WhatsApp Sniffer APK:

Are you looking for a WhatsApp Sniffer app? There are many benefits to using a WhatsApp Sniffer app, and I’ll discuss some of them here. One benefit is that you can see other people’s WhatsApp messages without them knowing. This can be useful if you want to see what someone is saying to someone else, or if you want to see if someone is just exchanging texts, but are actually engaging in conversation.

Another benefit is that you can download the WhatsApp Sniffer app for free. Many other applications cost money to use, but this one is free making it an attractive option for people who want to save money.

Additionally, it doesn’t require a rooted Android device to use WhatsApp Sniffer, which is another plus. WhatsApp Sniffer APK can be used for good or bad depending on how you use it. I suggest only using it for good, such as keeping an eye on your children’s conversations or making sure your employees are doing their jobs.

Features of WhatsApp Sniffer APK:

-View WhatsApp conversations of other people:

The WhatsApp Sniffer APK lets you view the chat history of any WhatsApp user, even if they are not in your contacts list.

-Extract media files from conversations:

The app is also able to extract media files from conversations, such as photos and videos.

The WhatsApp Sniffer app only works on rooted Android devices.

Advantages of WhatsApp Sniffer APK:

There are many advantages of WhatsApp Sniffer APK! Firstly, it is a great way to spy on WhatsApp messages and see what others are saying without them knowing.

Secondly, it can be used to backdoor WhatsApp chats and thirdly, it can be used to perform denial of service attacks. Overall, WhatsApp Sniffer APK is a powerful tool that can be used for good or evil depending on the person using it.

Disadvantages of WhatsApp Sniffer APK:

First, let’s be clear about what WhatsApp Sniffer APK is. It’s a piece of software that promises to let you spy on other people’s WhatsApp conversations. Sounds pretty shady, right? There are several disadvantages to using such software. First and foremost, it’s illegal. If you’re caught snooping on someone else’s WhatsApp conversations, you could face serious legal repercussions. Moreover, this type of software is often unstable and full of bugs. So even if you manage to get it working, there’s no guarantee that it will work properly or for very long.

Finally, WhatsApp Sniffer APK can be dangerously intrusive; by allowing you to read other people’s messages without their knowledge or consent, it violates their privacy and could potentially lead to some very serious consequences.

Mod intro:

WhatsApp Sniffer APK is a modifier for the extremely popular messaging app WhatsApp. It allows users to see chats from other people using the same WiFi network. This can be incredibly useful if you want to spy on someone or see what someone is saying without them knowing. Although it may sound malicious, it can also be used for benign purposes like making sure your partner is cheating on you.

The app has been around for a few years and was originally developed by Versatile Connections Ltd. Since then, it has been taken over by another company called WBMD Ltd. Despite its relatively long history, the app is still in beta and thus may be subject to change at any time. If you’re interested in trying out WhatsApp Sniffer APK, then you can download it from the link below. Please note that the app requires a rooted Android device in order to work.

WhatsApp Sniffer APK

Mod features:

The WhatsApp Sniffer APK has a few features that make it different from other tracking apps. First, it is very user-friendly and easy to install. Second, it doesn’t require rooting your device or special permissions.

And third, it is able to track both incoming and outgoing messages on WhatsApp. Plus, it is constantly updated with the latest features and bug fixes.


The WhatsApp Sniffer APK is an app that allows people to spy on the WhatsApp messages of others. It does this by reading the messages that are transmitted between the sender’s and recipient’s phones. The app is able to do this because it takes advantage of a security flaw in WhatsApp that allows it to intercept messages that are not encrypted.

This security flaw was discovered in 2016 and has since been fixed by WhatsApp. However, the WhatsApp Sniffer APK is still able to exploit this security flaw due to the fact that not everyone has updated to the latest version of WhatsApp.

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