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WhatsApp Plus APK is a mod version of official WhatsApp that lets you add new features to your app, making it even more fun and convenient to use. WhatsApp Plus APK also enables you to remove limits placed on your app by your mobile network or cell provider.

You can send messages, pictures, videos, audio files and documents of any size without worrying about limits on the size of each letter or attachment. The best part about WhatsApp Plus APK? It’s free! Here’s how to use WhatsApp Plus APK to connect with friends and family quickly and easily.

WhatsApp Plus APK

 What is precisely WhatsApp Plus 

If you want more features than your WhatsApp App, you need to download WhatsApp Plus APK. It is a modified version of WhatsApp messenger. Typically WhatsApp app has thousands of limitations, but you can use some new features in WhatsApp plus APK. Here is a complete guide on WhatsApp plus APK. 

WhatsApp plus APK helps you send as many messages as you want within a day. So, if you want to chat 24 hours, then WhatsApp plus APK is for you. WhatsApp Plus APK helps you hide your message on your friend’s phone.

Your friend won’t be able to see or show your hidden messages when they will check out from their WhatsApp. This feature is also available in official WhatsApp Messenger, but it works only for Android devices.

 WhatsApp Plus APK Features 

Many similar apps charge a fee. However, you won’t have to worry about paying anything when you download WhatsApp plus. You also don’t need any invites or sign-ups, so you can start using it right away. The design is straightforward, and it’s easy to use, too. 

Freeze Last Seen

If you’re trying to elude friends or family members, there’s an easy way to make it seem like you’re no longer using WhatsApp without stopping using it: freeze your last seen time. To do so, open WhatsApp Plus and tap Settings > Account > Privacy > Last Seen.

This will show how long it has been since you were last active on WhatsApp in hours, minutes, and seconds.

Disable Image Share Limit:

WhatsApp limits how many photos you can send in a single chat at once. A limit of images. While there are several workarounds to get around this issue, one of the easiest is to use WhatsApp plus APKNike.

This app enables users to share an unlimited number of pictures in a single chat. There are other nifty features in WhatsApp plus APK that make it better than regular WhatsApp.

More emoticons

When you use WhatsApp’s text-based emoticons, your friends may be confused about what kind of feeling you’re trying to express. For example, is that a happy face or an angry face? Using emoji icons instead will help avoid these types of misunderstandings.

WhatsApp Plus offers more emoticons than regular WhatsApp.

Hide online status

With WhatsApp Plus, you can hide your online status from friends. This means that you can use WhatsApp without worrying about your friends knowing when you’re available for a chat. It’s a helpful feature if you want to avoid distractions or if you want to keep your family members from bothering you while you’re at work. Hiding your online status is easy—follow these steps:

 Open WhatsApp Plus on your Android device and tap Settings in the top-right corner of your screen. Then, tap Privacy in Settings. (If you don’t see Privacy, open WhatsApp Plus first.) The first option under Privacy should be titled Online Status.

Tap it to open its menu options. You should see two options: Hide Online Status and Show Online Status. If you want to hide your online status, select Hide Online Status; if not, choose Show Online Status.

Once you make a selection from WhatsApp Plus’s online status menu, your changes will take effect immediately. Your friends will no longer be able to see when you are available for chat—but that doesn’t mean they won’t know whether or not they can reach you via WhatsApp Plus!

Hide delivered blue ticks

You can also use WhatsApp Plus to hide delivered blue ticks. This will prevent you from knowing when your recipient has read your message. Simply go into WhatsApp Plus’s settings, tap on Privacy and then select Hide Read Receipts.

Fonts and style

When using WhatsApp, you can only use Roman alphabet fonts. If you want more than that, you’ll need WhatsApp Plus APK. With it, you can use symbols such as hearts (♥), stars (*), and other characters. WhatsApp doesn’t support these features yet, but WhatsApp Plus does.

WhatsApp Plus APK

Download WhatsApp Plus APK Mod Version

Download WhatsApp Plus APK Mod Version: It is an excellent application for those who want to stay connected all day long. The application enables you to share photos, videos, documents, audio messages, etc. You can also make voice calls using WhatsApp Plus APK. If you cannot use your mobile phone for any reason, you can easily use WhatsApp Plus on your computer or laptop using an emulator. 

To use WhatsApp Plus APK on a PC, you need to install an Android emulator on your computer. There are several options available in Google Play Store that you can download and install directly onto your Windows or Mac OS based computer. If you cannot find a perfect application, I recommend you try Bluestacks since it is one of the best Android emulators available online.


WhatsApp Plus APK is a modded version of WhatsApp messenger, which can be installed on Android devices and iOS devices without any restriction. This modded version of WhatsApp messenger comes with various features that You cannot find in its official counterpart.

The advantage that WhatsApp Plus has over its original version is being used by many people worldwide. The most important thing about WhatsApp Plus APK is that it comes with unlimited features which you can use without any restrictions or limitations.

You can download it for free and connect with your friends and family members through text messages, pictures, videos, audio files, or even voice calls.

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