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NameWeed Firm
PublisherTerry high
Last Updated28-01-2022
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Weed firm APK is an RPG game. In this game, you can fulfill your dream of becoming a weed tycoon. You can grow weed in your house. You can sell it and can earn a huge amount of money.

The game includes many ways that you can follow to earn money. If you want to play a game that makes you a weed business tycoon, you can choose this game without hesitation. The game comes in several versions. You can download any version to enjoy a real-time RPG game.

You can download the game from our website by clicking on the download button. If you have downloaded it, you must know about all the features of this interesting game.

If you want to get to know all the features of this game, read the article. We are going to explore all the fantasies of this game. Let’s not waste the time and move further.

Weed Firm APK

Features of this game

  1. Grow the best quality marijuana

The first step in this RPG game is the growth of marijuana. Now you must ask where to grow it. If you are confused, wait a moment. We are going to provide you with information about this. You will grow marijuana in the backyard of your game house.

You can expand your weed empire in various ways. This will lead you to the next levels in the game. Suppose you start a business. How will you grow your business and earn money? Well, you have too much struggle.

Here in this game, you have to be a weed Tycoon. Struggle much as you can. Following we are going to discuss all the features of this game.

  1. Marketing of your products

In Weed Firm 2 APK, just keep in mind that you to be a weed tycoon. First, you have grown marijuana. Now you have to market your product and sell it. Pack your marijuana in well-looking packets, market it. In the end, you will sell it.

Now what? Of course, after selling it you are going to earn a lot of money. You all know how much you can earn in the marijuana business. I don’t think I should tell you.

  1. Make your shop attractive for the customers

Suppose you have started a business. Let you are selling children’s toys there. What will you do to expand your business? You will customize your shop in such a way that it attracts people to enter it.

In Weed Firm APK, you have to customize your shop. It will attract more customers. You will sell more weeds. What will you get when you sell more weeds? Of course, you will earn more.

Upgrade your marijuana shop in such a way that all your products also remain fresh. Isn’t it a good feature for you to expand your business?

  1. Sell your products to aliens

Yes, you have read correctly. You may have seen aliens in science fiction movies. I’m sure you always have dreamed of meeting an alien in your life. There is happy news for you. You can meet aliens in this game.

This game makes you an owner and aliens will be your customers. You should sell your best quality marijuana to aliens. In this way, you can have a strong reputation in space too. Make sure your alien customers like the taste of marijuana.

  1. Tackle with gangs

Selling marijuana is a profit-earning business. You can earn as much as you can. But it is not that much easy. Of course, you are going to face many enemies too. These enemies will try to exploit your business. You have to deal with these enemies properly.

Try to make the gangs of enemies away from your business. You can in a legal case. You have to corrupt deal with federal agents. This will help you to come out of this situation.

  1. Online play

You can also play Weed firm APK online. This game connects you to several online weed growers to the whole world. Get experience from them. You can expand your business in this way and can earn more rewards.

Download the game and start enjoying all its features.

  1. Play it for free

Weed firm APK is completely free to play. You can just download it from our website and start enjoying it. So now what are you waiting for? You should download and enjoy playing it.

  1. Graphics

Now we are going to talk about the graphics of this game. The graphics of this game are very simply designed. All the graphics of the game appeal to you to play it again and again.

The simple and beautiful graphics of the game make it easy to play for every age group. For killing the boring time, you should surely install this game and play it. I bet that you are going to love this game.

  1. Sound

The sound and music used in this game are not very harsh. You can experience the best quality soundtracks in this game. The music of the game makes you play the game continuously. Once started playing the game, you cannot come out of its fantasy.

Weed Firm 2

MOD Version

  1. Unlimited money

The MOD version of this game comes with unlimited coins, rewards and infinite energy. You can have these after downloading the MOD version of this game.

  1. Unlocked features

If you download the free version of this game, you will have to struggle hard to unlock some features of this game. But if you download the MOD version of this game, you will have all the unlocked items, features and unlimited storage space. Enjoy!

  • Ad-free

Another important feature that you will observe in the MOD version is that it is Ad-free. It means no more annoying ads while you playing. you can enjoy your game as you want. Have fun!


The game is the best chance for the people who are always get fascinated by the underground world. People can experience the growing of weed in this game and can feel themselves a tycoons. Weed Firm APK is full of a fun game. Everyone can enjoy it. The new updates are even more fascinating.

Download it and have fun. Good luck!

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