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NameTentacle locker
PublisherKâüñg Sû Lwîñ
RequiresAndroid 4.2+
Last Updated02-02-2022



Tentacle Locker is a mobile and tablet game. This game is about lockers that are hidden. The player of this game can capture any girl from high school and drag her into a locker. There are beautiful skirts in the game.

The captured girls are forced to wear those skirts. This game is not designed for below 18 people. Only elder can play this game. As the game includes several adult scenes, so children shouldn’t play this game.

Apart from skirts, there are many other types of clothing items that you can force the girls to wear. The game is actually a fun playing game. Many people in real life want to do certain things but that can be harmful for society. This game allows the users to those things virtually on phones.

If you have downloaded this game from our website and near to play, you must learn about all the features of this game. if you have not downloaded yet, you can download it right now. But please keep in mind that this game is not for under age 18 people.

Let’s have a look of the features of this mobile game.

Tentacle locker APK

  1. Game is for Adult players

The game is designed for adults especially. The game includes many bold scenes so it is not suitable for young players. This game is all about Tentacle Locker where you have to keep girls captured from high school.
This might seem something embarrassing. But as I said earlier that this game is designed to keep a purpose in mind, therefore take it as a game. Some of single players may want a girl with whom they can enjoy. Tentacle Locker is designed for such people.

There are lots of Google websites where you can find Tentacle Locker APK, but most of those are not original. You can download the original version of this game from our website.

  1. Kidnapping high school girls

As a game player, you will enter in the game. There will be a high school with beautiful girls. The girls show their feminine traits and you would be impressed by those girls. What will you do then?

It is general that you will be seduced by all these things. This game enables you to kidnap the girls you want. You can pick beautiful and attractive girls among all the girls.

  1. Tentacle Lockers

There are lockers in the game. The girl you kidnap should be in the locker. So you will drag those girls in locker. Now what will you do? You can have an idea in your mind that you can do. But the game provides you several ways.

You can force the girls to do what you want to see. There are several interesting and attractive items in those lockers. We are to discuss about all these items further.

  1. Skirts and other items

When you dragged the girls in lockers, you can force them to do several things. There are some skirts in the game. You can force the girls to wear those skirts. You can select the skirt that you want to wear a girl.

All the features of the game are quite embarrassing in real world. It is only a game and you can play this alone in your private space, so you just enjoy this. It is actually a funny game if you think.

  1. Interface

Tentacle Locker APK has a simple and easy to use interface. It allows the user to understand it very well. The player can easily understand all the settings of this game.

While playing Tentacle Locker APK, you can feel the real time fun. It is a request to all the players to take it just as a game and don’t relate it reality.

  1. Easy to play

There is not anything fancy in this game. You don’t need to take a headache. You can play this game with lot more ease. The features of this game are easy to understand. You can control all the characters of the game easily.

  1. Graphics

The graphics of this game are very simple. There are beautiful and attractive 2D graphics. The graphics of Tentacle Locker makes the game more interesting and funny. You can download the game from our website and enjoy all its features.

  1. Sound/music

The sound of the game is not harsh and uninteresting. You can enjoy your game with best soundtracks. The sound of this game makes it more popular among people. People got attracted by such kinds of features of the game.

  1. Free to download

Tentacle Locker APK is free to download. You don’t have any need to pay even a penny. You can download it from our website right now and start playing.

  1. No login required

You might be always worried about the safety of your user accounts. Well, this game solves the user security issue. You don’t need to login for this game. You can just simply download it and start playing.

If you want to have real fun in your free time, you can download this right now and start enjoying.

  1. New modification’s features

The old version of this game used to ask the user to verify first as human. That was quite annoying. Now, you can play this game without this headache. Following are some important modifications that you can observe in new updates.

  • Don’t require modification
  • No bugs
  • Can earn gold and other prizes
  • Can play it directly

Tentacle locker APK


Tentacle Locker APK is an interesting funny game to play. This game is only available for adults. The people under age 18 cannot play this game. There were few problems in the old version of this game. Now the developer has solved almost all the problems. The new version of this game is bugs free.

You might want to have an easy and fun game to play. This game is a best match for your interest. Download it right now and enjoy!


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