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The game is based on real-time, having the post-apocalyptic context that took place after the six months of the spreading of the zombie virus to the Earth. The game involves generating the force of gunners, automatic machine guns, soldiers, cannons against the assault of zombies. The game involves the user going to Badlands city to find protection for his fellow survivors. The game got released globally in 2019 and undoubtedly provides you with the most enthralling gaming experience never underwent before.

State of survival games focuses and fulfills the desires of every gamer. It excels in graphics, music, storyline as well as gameplay. Besides, the greater time spent on this game can even make you addicted to it. The most fascinating aspect of this game is that one cannot get tired or even bored of playing it. It can be played for months and over time it becomes more motivating, challenging, and fantastic to play. Currently, the game comprises only eleven chapters for passing.

The plot of the game:

The game is based on the future world of mankind suffering from a zombie disaster. Every nation and civilization is ruthlessly engulfed with this monstrous disease. The government and the army all have taken asylum to bases in the ground and the responsibility rests on you to retrieve life on the ground.

You have to find a possible way out to pull out mankind from this utter pandemonium. The game has in total sixty chief levels and each level can give you several Talents Points from 1 to 8.


The objective of the game can be well understood by its name ‘ state of survival.’ It includes all the techniques, methodologies, plans, and tactics to be designed for the survival of mankind from the glaring investment of zombies. The player is required to construct and develop his base to grow his armies and double his power. The main aim is to conquer other players and establish dominance.

State Of Survival APK

How to play:

To play the game, the gamer being the commander of the play needs to devise a strategic plan or a road map to reestablish the society of mankind. It is a requisite for the player to spread his settlements to the surrounding areas by breaking the boundaries, then the play is upgraded to the next level.

Furthermore, it is the sole responsibility of the gamer to design daily activities for destroying the zombies. It includes the duty of the gamer to direct and lead the combined army. He must be well aware of all the tactics to combine differing forces of contrasting races like archers, snippers, melee fighters, or motorcycle riders. A brave dog is also included in your task force as a special member.

Moreover, as the whole civilization is engulfed with the ongoing zombies infection, it is high time for the commander ( gamer) to construct a city with the right plan to keep it safe from the zombies and monsters.

The ruthless situation and the plague is spreading faster like fire in the jungle, thus, having a hero is the need of the hour. Survival is the main objective. This requires greater efforts on the part of the gamer including shooting zombies with the sniper gun in fps mode. The commander is under high pressure to do whatever he can to win this devastating battle and to survive this world of agony.

Features in state of survival:


This involves constructing your settlement to provide a safe haven to your partners and fellow beings.


Saving the survivors is mandatory to increase the numbers and strength required to fight a zombie. You need to look for those with special qualities to make them the heroes of the plague war. It involves the actual shooting time.


You have to look for ways to control the mutation of this zombie disease. If you can control the infection at the right time that is before the attack of the zombies, you can control the world.


At this stage, the quantity of your allies is your power. Strength is hidden in numbers. Thus, you are supposed to make more and more partners survive the horrendous effects of the infected wilderness.

All the features highlight that the game wants to promote the brilliance and intelligence of mankind. It shows the unity of humankind can enable them to fight against all the odds successfully.

State of survival tips and tricks :

The increasing popularity of the game leads to various questions by the users that play an influential role to attain the desired results in the game. Some tips and tricks are generally looked for by the users to play it. So let’s have a look at them:

Choose the best playstyle:

Choosing your playing style depends entirely upon your level of investment in the play, both about your pocket and time.

Completing the main missions:

The gamer should complete the main missions as soon as possible to utilize all the little resources and to advance at a faster level.

Join active alliance:

By active alliance, it means which is not offline and is available to help you when required.

Adjust your talent tree according to your playstyle:

It is up to the gamer to opt either to play for the economy or to improve the power of war. If you want to attack the enemy player, then you must choose war, otherwise, the economy is the wise option.


The whole game revolves around building, making it one of the main parts of the game.

Upgrade your building before logging off: 

The user must indulge his builders to continue working on something till you are back from sleep or close time. This saves your time and helps you tremendously in the longer run.

State Of Survival APK

Graphics and Appearance:

A 3D combat configuration and complete models combine to make this game more thrilling as compared to other strategy and zombie games. Additionally, the representation is exquisite, however, the textures need much improvement. 

It has been proudly announced by the mobile game developer and publisher Fun plus that state of survival has reached almost 100 million downloads on its second anniversary. The best platform to play this glorious game is on the Blue Stacks app player on your PC or MAC. It can undoubtedly provide a hypnotic gaming experience.

State of Survival Mod Apk:

State of Survival Mod Apk is a modified version of the official state of survival. It provides the gamer with exciting and thrilling Mod features including unlocked characters, unlimited money, and many more.

The glorious achievements of the state of survival from 2020:

  1. It is the no.1 downloaded game in Taiwan and South Korea on both Google Play and App store.
  2. Has 60 million+ global downloads.
  3. Google play has named it Best of competitive games of 2020 in South Korea.


 State Of Survival APK is an influential and motivational game that equips its players with the energy and brilliance to survive the constant attack of monsters and to rebuild the civilization. Thus, it gives more than just a gaming experience to the player. It’s highly recommended to those who like action, thrill, adventure as well as interaction with other players. This is a fun and engaging game to play. Download the game and you won’t regret investing in it.


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