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SHAREit APK is one of the best, free and fast sharing platform nowadays. SHAREit APK is used to transfer videos, songs, apps, and files from one device to another. Apart from all these, it is no longer a difficult matter to transfer documents, whether it is transferring videos or documents from mobile to mobile or from mobile to PC. 

 The app was launched on April 28, 2013, in a Chinese company. The name of this company was Smart Media4U Technology PTE. LTD. But then in 2013 someone bought this app in the Indian market and then in a few days it started to be counted as the number one application in the world.


 How to install

 It is very easy to install. It can be downloaded from many sources such as Play Store App Store. But 99% of people install it from Google Play Store because it is very easy to install from here. The first thing you need to do is go to the Play Store app on your Smartphone then you have to go to the search box first and search this app.

Everybody can download this app easily from the Google play store. But if you want to download this app from our website, just click on the above ‘DOWNLOAD’ button and download APK easily.

 Bluetooth is also used in every mobile to transfer files and documents. But due to its limited features, it is no longer usable because Bluetooth transfers very small videos and transfers very slowly. That is why SHAREit was introduced to transfer longer videos and files in less time. It has the following features:



It is used to transfer a large number of pictures from one mobile to another. Additionally, you can transfer your pictures from mobile to your laptop or desktop to save it. If you have I Phone or I Phone tab you can still transfer your photos without any hassle. You can transfer any format easily.


Apart from photos, you can transfer any of your documents from your mobile to your desktop or iPod to your system. This is counted among the first applications used to transfer documents because you can’t easily transfer your documents through Bluetooth. That’s why everyone uses it to transfer their documents.


 Just like documents and photos, videos can also be transferred through SHAREit. You can also transfer long videos through this app easily and in less time. You don’t need an internet connection. Just connect with other devices and transfer easily. 


Anybody can transfer any file to different systems whether it is mobile to mobile, mobile to computer, or computer to mobile. You can also transfer anything from I phone to android or android to I phone easily. Its speed is much faster than the rest. It can transfer one file to another system in minutes and seconds. You don’t need Wi-Fi or a USB.


It is the best app for sharing any app. anybody can easily share any app without an internet connection. You can also share APK easily by using SHAREit.

 Send and receive

 When you open the SHAREit app, you will see different options at the top. You can send and receive any file at the same time. This app also has the QR code option so you can transfer or receive your file through it. If you don’t find other device to transfer any file then you don’t need to worry because you have a QR code option. Just scan and connect with another device easily. Don’t worry about the format; you can easily transfer all format files.

Trending Videos and Mobile space

By using this app you will know trending videos, songs, and news. Not only this, but you can also watch your mobile storage, file size, and many other things.

Some special features

It is also a great source of entertainment. News can also be shared and it can be kept informed. It’s a great way to stay connected to sports and games. It also allows you to enjoy the comedy. Most importantly, it allows you to keep up to date with the education system. Anybody can download this app free of cost and transfer unlimited data easily.


SHAREit APK also has some hidden features like you can invite someone. You can invite your friends in the same way as you invite your friends by sending an app link in some other important application.

QR Code

If you have difficulty in connecting the other device, you will be given three dots on your right side when you click on it, then you will have the option of QR code. Just scan the other device and connect easily with another device.



SHAREit APK provides multimedia to its users worldwide. Anybody can transfer any format file; document from one device to other devices easily and free of cost without using the Internet or any other WIFI connection. SHAREit is available for all devices whether it is iOS, Android, Mac, and PC operating systems. You can also watch different videos on SHAREit now and this app will also notify you of trending videos, news, and songs. If your mobile has any virus or bug then SHAREit will notify you.



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