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School Days APK is a fascinating game for the people who are school-going students or for those as well who have been completed their studies but are missing those days. This game is totally designed on school life so now it’s possible for everyone that they can live their school life again with this amazing game. In this game, you can select your character, name, and grade according to your desire.

Afterward, you can attend your classes as we probably used to do in our school. Be a good student in the classroom and take up all the appreciation from your teacher this will help to increase your popularity. But if you want to become a bad or naughty student it’s all on you.

However, if you will do misbehave with the teacher, beating other students, and damage the school property, you will take up to the principal room for punishment, or maybe they will suspend you from the school for a specific time.

There are many other places that you can visit in your school such as the school’s café, the school’s auditorium, principal office, ground, and many others that you can find on the school’s map. You will also get the option to change the costume of your character to give it a new fresh look.

The graphics, sound effects, interface, and gameplay of this game are top notch that you will going to love as soon as you play this game.

Now you can begin reliving your old school days and refreshing your memories by downloading School Days APK.

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APK Features

Unlock locked items

Many items that you find locked in the starting of your game. So as you play this game regularly your game will keep updated and as well as you will get the cash that you earn with your performance in school.

So that collected cash can be used to unlock all the locked features of this game.

Enjoy the real high school

The gameplay of this game is truly matched with the real school days that we spent in our school. In this game, we can do everything that we want to do such as doing homework, becoming class monitor, fighting with other students, helping students, and many other activities will be at our disposal.

Interactive environment and characters

Playing School Days means entering an interactive world and experiencing it at its fullest for a more meaningful experience.

Throughout the game, we can interact with other characters who are surrounding us, make friends in which we are interested, make relationships, and besides being a student in the school you can also explore the whole city and do everything.

Easy to use controllers

In order to play this game, you will be provided with controllers that you will find on the screen that are in alphabetical form. Each alphabet has a different performance of doing activities.

Character customization

If you want to change the overall look of your character in the game, you will get many outfit options that you can pick the one that suits best to his or her look or according to what you like.

Friendly interface

School days APK features an intuitive interface, so you won’t face any problems while playing it.

In-app Purchase

You’ll have to pay a specific amount for some in-game items if you wish to have a more advanced experience.

The moment you purchase them, you will have immediate access to them to use them in the game. You will be charged 1.48$ for each item. Payments can be made with a credit card, debit card, or other transactions as requested.

Downloading process

Do you want to download this game to your device? If you are interested in downloading the game, click on the download button provided at the top of the page. Our website will provide you with the latest version of the school days game, as well as you won’t find any bugs or viruses that may damage your device.

school days


The School Days APK has a very beautiful storyline that everyone will praise after playing it for a few minutes. This game allows you to remember your school days and live them again. Making friends, going to class, doing homework, falling in love with your classmate, exploring the city, and many other things you used to do in school are all possible.

In order to do all the activities, you need to learn how to use the controllers since you will get all the controllers on the screen that you can use to control your character’s movement and also perform other activities by pressing the buttons. Character customization is also available, so you can tailor the character to your preferences.

From the graphics, to the sound effects, to the interface, and to the gameplay, everything about the game is outstanding. Some of the features in the game are locked, but you can unlock them by making real payments. After you have made payment for these, they will be unlocked, so you can use them whenever you like.

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