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NameRolling Sky
PublisherCheetah Games
Size87 MB
Requires4.1 and up
Last Updated2022/01/26



Rolling Sky APK is a worth playing game. You can enjoy the game with full fun. There is just a ball in this game. All you have to do is just control the ball and cross each level.

Rolling Sky APK is a highly addictive game. The musical game appeals to you to play it again and again. You will enjoy these genera of android games. You can download the game from our website.

If you are going to download this game, you must read this article to become familiar with Rolling Sky APK. Let’s start the article with full fun. We are going to discuss all the features of this game one by one.

Rolling Sky

APK Features

  1. Stunning Graphics

The game has stunning and attractive graphics. When you download the game, it makes you play it again and again. Unlike all other android games, Rolling Sky APK has some interesting and stunning graphics.

The musical ball in this game is designed beautifully. It adds some more crispiness to the game. You will love the graphics of the game at first sight.

  1. Simple control

The game is designed in such a way that you can control it easily. It can be controlled just by a single touch on your screen. A game that is already fun becomes more crispy and interesting when it is simple to control. Are we wrong? Well, we think you will be angry with this.

  1. 3D Effects

The game includes all the features that an entertaining game must-have. You can enjoy the 3D thrilling effects of the game. When you enter the game, you may feel everything in the feel. In short, the 3D effects of the game make you feel everything in real. You can’t feel it virtual.

You can witness all this when you download the game. Download it and have fun!

  1. Plethora of levels

The Rolling Sky APK includes many levels. You can enjoy the game when you complete each level. Always focus on the game, control the musical ball and conquer the world of Rolling Sky APK.

Each level in the Rolling Sky game is full of fun and thrill. It can be the best use of your free time to play the game.

  1. Hurdles

A game is incomplete without obstacles. If a game is just simple, it will become boring after some time. The real fun of a game is in the obstacles that the game includes.

It is human instinct that we enjoy exploring the world. That can be in the game or the real world. The hurdles make a person strong, so are the hurdles of Rolling Sky APK. When you do practice, again and again, you become a pro player of the Rolling Sky APK.

  1. Download for free

You don’t have to pay for this game. You can enjoy almost all its features in the free version of the game. We, the humans, love free-of-cost things. So don’t waste time on other things, just download this game free of cost and have some real fun with this game.

  1. Thrilling higher levels

As the proceeds further, we observe more thrill in the game. the simple-seeming game in the start becomes difficult at higher levels. In Rolling Sky APK, you move the ball easily through the obstacles at the start of the game. This does not remain the same throughout the game. You will feel difficulty in handling the ball when you enter the next levels.

  1. Sound

The beautiful soothing music in the game doesn’t make you feel bored. If you are a music lover and always try to find the best notes for you, try this game. I’m not saying that the music is some of any other world, but you are going to love it.

To witness this, you can download this game on your phone right now.

  1. Rewards in the game

If you are thinking about why I have not discussed the rewards in the game, then hold on. The game is not a boring fuzzy game. There are several rewards in the game. There can be gold and diamond as well. As long as you control your ball and move further, you collect many diamonds in your reward basket.

So what do you have to do now? Of course, you have to play the game with full focus and presence of mind. Pass through all the hurdles safely and collect your diamonds. It’s that simple. Isn’t it simple?

  1. Addictive

Rolling Sky APK is a highly addictive game. You cannot come out of this game. Once you start playing, the game will attract you to play more. So it can be a warning for you to download it on your behalf. If you play this game in your leisure time, it can be the best match for your fun.

So now, whom are you waiting for? Go to the top of this article, there is a download button for this game. Just touch on the button and have this game on your android phone. I have told you the easiest way for having this game. I deserve some compliments.

Just leave a comment below, if you are enjoying this article. Let’s move further and read what’s next.

Rolling Sky

MOD Version

  1. Unlimited money/Unlimited diamonds

In the MOD version of this game, there are unlimited diamonds. You can enjoy all the fun features of this game in the MOD version.

If you get bored from any level, you can simply skip that level and can move to the next level easily.

  1. Ad Free

The MOD version of Rolling Sky APK is ad-free. Ads in the games would be annoying. You can enjoy an ad-free game in the MOD version.


The Rolling Sky APK is the best fun game. You can easily control the musical ball of the game. You may find the game certainly difficult at some levels, but overall the game is the best time-killing app. All the levels of this game allow you to explore some more interesting features. You will be rewarded at every passing level. In short, the game can be a mixture of all the fun and thrilling emotions

Download it. Play it. Pass the levels. Get the rewards and chill!

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