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NameProject Stars APK
Publisherxiaojiao zhang
Last Updated14-04-2022



Project Stars APK is a game that is full of action, adventure, challenges, surprises, and explorations. In the game, you will play it as an astronaut and you will have to explore different galaxies. It is an open-world game so you can explore the landscapes and gather all the objects, food, and other resources that will help you to survive.

Additionally, you can do whatever you want in the game as you please. there are no limitations as to what you must do, just do whatever you want.

In the game, we will get weapons that will help us in surviving on land we are unfamiliar with. Any animal can come toward you at any time so you have to be prepared yourself for the fight. You can use weapons in order to kill them and to gather resources as well. The joystick will be provided to you on the screen so with the help of it you can control your character’s movement.

As you progress in the game you will get rewards that can be used to unlock the locked area of the land, weapons, and customized items as well. You can customize your character with different outfit’s options and change its whole appearance. The graphics and sound effects of the game are of high quality which will make this game more enjoyable and intriguing.

Download Project Stars APK free from our site and gets the latest and bugs-free version right now.

Project Stars APK

APK Features

Customize your hero

In the game, you will get many customizing options that you can select to customize your character as per your choice. Change the clothes of your hero and give him a new look.

Gather resources to survive

The main purpose of this game is to gather resources, food items, objects, and other things that you will need to survive in the game. To gather all these things, you have to use to sonic gun and shoot at that particular object that you have to collect.

High definition Quality and sound effects

Project Stars APK has used very good graphics and excellent sound effects that will provide a good mobile gaming experience to its users for sure.

Easy controllers

There are no complications found in the gameplay. To play this game, you just simply move your finger on the given joystick and your character will go in that direction in which direction you have moved your finger.

Friendly Interface

This game has a very friendly, intuitive, and comprehensive user interface that will be helpful for the users who are new to this game. Also, this game will provide all the instructions to all the newbies who playing this game for the very first time.

Mod Intro

Project Stars Mod APK let you use all the locked items of the game that is not accessible to you until you unlock them. But in our project stars cheat APK you will get instant access to using them without waiting or purchasing them to unlock.

We not only provide you access to using all its locked features for completely free but you will also get all the resources and money in unlimited quantities. So download Project Stars Hacks APK right now and explores the life of astronauts and how they survive in space.

Project Stars APK

Mod Features

Unlock everything

If you download the mod version of project stars, then you will not need to pay for its in-app purchases, instead, you will be able to unlock it all yourself. You can download it now and get the most up-to-date unlockable version of Project Stars for no cost.

Unlimited Money

As soon as you install this game mod version to your device, you will instantly receive unlimited money. You can then use the money to buy new weapons, gear, customizing items, and other in-game items that were previously unavailable.

Latest version

From our website, you will get the most recent and up-to-date version of this game, and also there is no bug or virus you will find that causes harm to your device.

Compatible with all devices

Project Stars Mod APK can be installed on any device that you are using whether it is an Android or Apple.

Free to download

If you are interested in downloading it to your android or apple devices then you can get it from our site. We don’t take any charge for downloading so you can download this latest and safe game to your device without paying any fees.


Project Stars is a game that is based on space life. In the game, you will explore the life of astronauts that how they survive, gather objects to craft buildings and shelters, search for food, and explore the beauty of landscapes. There are different galaxies maps available in the game that you can select in which you want to go for the explorations.

As you landed on the land you can do whatever you want to do because it’s an open-world game so there are no limitations on whether you just want to do these things or not. You will also get different weapons that you can use to defend yourself to survive until you complete the missions. Everything about the game is top-notch and players will appreciate it.

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