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NamePopsicle Stack APK
PublisherNorthern Cold Games
Last Updated22-04-2022



Popsicle Stack APK is a game that is full of fun and enjoyment that will provide you with hours of enjoyment. Kids can also play this wonderful game because there is no battle, bombardments, shooting, or bloody fighting rather it is based on simple gameplay that will help you to pass your boring time easily.

In this game, you have to make tasty ice creams of different flavors and serve them to your customers. Making ice cream is not as easy as you think because you will have to save your ice cream molds from the barriers and difficulties that will come along the way.

If your ice cream touches them you will lose the game. Each level comes with different kinds of challenges and difficulties so you have to complete it. As you complete the levels you will get unlimited money that can be used to upgrade your game’s items.

The game used bright color of graphics that keep refreshing your eyes through the gameplay and the sound effect of the game also very relaxing.

Download Popsicle stack APK right now from our website and start making happy your customer with your tasty ice creams.

Popsicle Stack APK

APK Features

Endless levels

It has endless levels, which means you’ll never tire of playing it. Because each level comes with new difficulties and interesting elements that will keep you engaged with it for a long time.

After you complete a level, a new level will begin with new difficulties, barriers, and challenges that you have to overcome to win.

Easy controllers

There are very simple and easy-to-use controllers offered to the players. You simply have to move your fingers on the mobile screen according to the directions.

That, if you want to move it right side you have to swipe right and the same for other directions.

Make ice creams of different flavors

In the game, you can make a different kinds of ice creams and make your customers happy with your work. You can decorate your ice cream with Choco chips, nuts, sprinkles, chocolate, different syrups, and lots of other items that you can use to enhance the taste of your ice creams.

Earn rewards

As you complete the level by passing all the difficulties, challenges, and barriers you will then receive unlimited money and other rewards. These rewards you can then use to upgrade and unlock the game items that were not accessible to you in the game before.

Friendly interface

This game has a very simple, easy, and comprehensive interface so those players who are completely new to this game will figure out every point easily tat how to play it.

In-app purchases

There are lots of items that are not available because they require charges in order to use them. So if you want to play this game with its premium features then you should make payment for them.

Each item of the game has a different charge from each other due to different abilities. The price rate starts from 2.70$ and ends at a different price.

Popsicle Stack APK

Mod Intro

Popsicle Stack Mod APK offers you to use all the premium features of this game for free of cost that actually requires charges in order to use them in the game.

You will not only receive access to using its paid features but also get unlimited money that you can use anywhere in the game shop to do shopping.

Download Popsicle Cheats APK right now from our website and gets ready to use its fullest unlocked version without paying any charge for it.

Mod features

Full unlocked version

By downloading our provided modded version you will then get complete access to using all the locked features of the game that you were unable to use before. But, now with this version, you will get every feature unlocked without requiring a fee from you.

Unlimited money

Popsicle Stack Mod APK offers unlimited money that can be used to modify your game’s items and purchase different items from the game shop.

Can be played on any device

You can play this game on both android and apple devices. Also, if you want to play this game on your PC or laptop you can play it there as well.

Free to download

From our website, you will be got the link of downloading the Popsicle stack Mod APK. So if you love to make desserts then you should play this game to learn something new about the decoration and flavors of ice creams.

This is a bug, virus, and most up-to-date version that will work well on your device without any problems.


Popsicle Stack APK is a wonderful game that offers captivating gameplay that will keep not adult players engaged with its gameplay but kids also. In the game, you have to make ice creams of different flavors and decorate them with Choco chips, chocolates, cream, nuts, sprinkles, and other items that will find to you in the game.

After you have made ice creams you have to serve them to your customers and get money for your work. While making ice cream you have to save your ice cream popsicles from the barriers and difficulties that come along the way. The controllers of the game are very simple and also easy to utilize you just have to swipe your finger on the mobile screen according to the situation.

The new level will come with new difficulties but you have to complete the level at every cost in order to win the game. As you complete it you will earn money that you can use to buy in-game items otherwise download Popsicle stack hacks APK if you don’t want to spend real money.

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