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  1. Superb car racing game for android

Pixel Car Racer is a superb racing car that has an interesting classic theme. The game is unique in its attractive graphics. The game’s overall theme brings some exciting races. This game includes not only race participation but also you can be a car owner there.

As a young enthusiastic person, have you ever thought of becoming a garage owner who has a collection of beautiful cars? Congratulations! This dream of yours can be accomplished in this game. As an owner of the garage, you will own several luxury and beautiful cars here.

  1. Get a real-life car race enthusiasm

Have you ever done a car race with some of your friends in real life? Did you win a championship? Of course, not. That gives you only satisfaction and a feel of the winner only. The same is with this game. You don’t race for becoming a champion. You won prizes in form of unlimited coins. You also win prizes in form of a missing car accessory after winning.

If you want to have real fun with this game with all the real-time enthusiasm then you should play this game over a large screen. Have headphones over your ears and start playing the game with full zeal. I bet you by following this tip you will enjoy the game like a real-time car race.

  1. Make your customized racing car

In this game, firstly you will enter your garage. Then choose a car of your wish. After that, you will choose all the available car accessories. In this way, you can make a customized car for your race. You have the authority to change the interior of the car. You can fix the car breaks. There is an option to maximize the strength of your car.

But wait. There isn’t anything that you can do for free. You have to pay every time you want to upgrade your car. But from where you can get the money? Don’t worry. You will have the money when you will win. Every time you win, you will get unlimited money and coins. These coins can be used to upgrade your car. You can buy accessories of your own choice for your car.

  • Start with a thrilling race

Now your car is almost done. You are ready for a race now. There are options for you to start a race. You can start a race with a computer or with any other opponent offline. It is important to start your race at full speed whether you are online or offline. Try to be vigilant because the beautiful car and attractive track can distract you. Now isn’t it interesting to play this game? Of course yes!

  • Best graphic pixels

Now you may be thinking about the pixels of the game. Like you can think that the pixels of this game can make it more difficult to play. But you are wrong here like me. The graphics of this game make you feel the real-time car race. Like other race games, that make you feel fake race, this game is different. All these things made you focus on your track and the competition in which you are.

Pixel Car Racer

Apk Features

  1. Beautiful luxury cars

While start playing, you can see how luxurious and beautiful cars are there. You can enjoy a race with all these cars. You can customize cars according to your wish. All this is fascinating. Isn’t it?

  1. Easy to control

Unlike other racing games, the pixel racer game apk has easy-to-control features. you can customize your cars by simply clicking over the icons. You can choose your favorite cars according to your wish just by clicking over the icon. Isn’t it too cool to use? I mean yes it is cool.

  1. Fascinating visuals

The game includes some beautiful visuals along with attractive tracks. The 3D visuals of this game will make you fall for this. Let’s download it from our website and enjoy all the features.

  1. Winning prizes

The game makes you win several prizes after you win. The race of cars can give you feel real-life enthusiasm of car racing. When you win a race and get prizes you will be a desire to play more.

  1. Sound

Unlike other games that include some unnecessary sounds, pixel car racer has some light and on-time sound. All these sounds don’t make you feel bored at all. The sound of the game seems to match according to the events that happen in the game.

  1. Game modes

An interesting feature of this game is its modes. You can play this game offline as well. This thing makes the game more fascinating. There are some mini modes too in this game. The most interesting of all these mini modes is custom racing. There is free racing too.

Limited time sprinting mode and endless racing is also a part of the modes of this game. You can enjoy this game with your friends on Facebook. Keep in mind that all the modes of the game are also categorized based on difficulty level.

Following are some the modes are explained:

  • Drag racing

This is the game mode in which you have to play the game knowing all the controls of your vehicle. You have to keep your vehicle properly tuned. This mode of the game is all about the thrill. You can play the game against the top rivals and enjoy the game. This is an interesting mode of game to enjoy. Install the game and enjoy all its features.

  • Street racing

This mode of the game is very interesting. In this mode of the game, you have to tackle some enthusiastic and experienced play. How can be a game more thrilling? Off-course when you enjoy it playing under intense situations. Install the game to enjoy this mode.

  • Story

A new and more thrilling mode of Pixel car racer is introduced now in the new version. This is going to be an interesting and more thrilling mode of the game. So what are you waiting for now? Get up the racers and install the game to enjoy its all modes!

Pixel Car Racer Apk image

MOD Version

  • Unlimited coins/unlimited money

If you download the MOD version of this game, then you can get unlimited money and coins. As you installed this game, you will have 5000 diamonds and many crates.

  • No ads

The mod version of this game does not include any ads. You can feel free to install the mod version of this game. So play and enjoy.


Pixel Car Racer Apk is a fascinating game to play. If you want to enjoy a real-time car race over your android phone, you can download this game and enjoy it. A download button is given above this article at our website apknike.com. Don’t feel any hesitation in installing this game. To install and enjoy unlimited. Cheers!

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