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NameMy Talking Tom APK
DeveloperOutfit7 Limited
Size105 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited coins



In the My Talking Tom APK game, a person has to feed a cat called a tom. Almost every one of us is fond of cats. We love cats. We want to feel their cute little things. The game has developed to make us take care of a virtual cat.

The player of this game has to feed the cat properly. You have to take care of the proper grooming of the cat. You have to make the cat a mature one. Make sure the cat eats properly. The cat should play and grow well. After you pass in this mission, you will swipe the screen and will get coins.

As the game proceeds, you get coins. You use these coins to buy things for the cat. These things can be some type of food, outfits of cats, or other accessories. The more satisfied is the cat with you, the more coins you will get.

You also have to play given tasks and games by which you will get more coins. If you want to talk with the cat then speak something, the cat will also repeat that phrase after you.


The game runs smoothly and all you have to do are collect the coins to grow the cat properly. Your coins will be increased when the cat is satisfied with your services. There are many ways for providing these services.

Though the game is very simple to play as compared to other android games, there are some instructions that you should learn before playing the game. Let’s learn together:

My Talking Tom APK 2

Different buttons in My Talking Tom

  • Fork and Spoon icon

When playing My Talking Tom, start the game with the given instructions. Firstly, you have to feed the cat. You will be shown a red circle with a plate and fork. This sign shows that the cat is hungry.  Click the icon to feed the cat.

There will be different foods over the dining table. You have to click over that food icon that you want to feed the cat. When the icon appears with a leopard spoon and fork, it means the cat is full.

  • Toilet icon

When you are playing the game, you will also an icon with a toilet mark over it. When the cat eats food, that icon turns red. Now the cat has to poop. Take the cat to the toilet. When the icon turns red, it symbolizes what the tom has done with the toilet.

  • Smile icon

If anyone of you has a pet cat at home, you know very well how to make them happy. The tom in my talking APK also wants some fun. One of the icons given in the game contains a smiley face. When the icon is red, Tom wants to have some fun with you. now make the cat happy.

How to play with Talking Tom cat? All you have to do is just touch on the smile icon. Stroke the icon. Now, the cat will smile. After a few seconds, the icon will be turned green. It shows that the cat is bored now. Stop playing with Tom.

  • Moon and star icon

When the cat is done with eating, going to the toilet, and playing, one icon turns red. The icon containing the moon and star represents nighttime. Now it is sleep time of Tom. Click the icon to let Tom sleep.

What do we do before sleeping? Of course, we turn off the light. Tom also sleeps in lights off. Turn off the lights and make Tom sleep. Continue the game in the same way after Tom wakes up.

Now when all the icons turn green, it is time to get your coins. Your first level has been done.

  • Basket icon

There is a basket icon in the game. The basket collects all your coins and gold. If you want to go shopping, click on this icon. You can do the shopping for Tom by spending gold from your basket. Following are some of the things that you have to know about Tom’s care:

  • Wardrobe:

The beautiful wardrobe of the cute talking tom is represented by a wardrobe icon. Click on the icon and make your cat look beautiful in your favorite dress.

  • Food:

    You can choose different types of food for your cat from this icon. Just click over the icon and decide what you want to feed your cat.

  • Living room:

    You can make the living room a perfect recreation place for your Tom. Click on the icon and change the types of equipment you want to change.

  • Potions:

    When you want to make your cat lose weight, click over this icon. This will reduce your 50 coins. The icon makes the cat more active.

  • Breakfast:

Prepare the best menu of breakfast for your Tom. Try to add everything in a fixed proportion. You have to keep           in mind that your cat’s health depends on the food you feed her.

Learning about the navigation of My Taking Tom

  • Circle icon with a number

This is a circle icon on top of the screen. The icon contains a number. That number shows in which game level you are. The game is very simple.  Feed the cat on time. Make the cat enjoy. Sleep the cat with full comfort. When you fulfill all these tasks, you promote to the next level.

The higher levels include some more tasks to complete. You have to buy new things for the cat. In this way, after playing each level you will get coins. The more you get coins, the more you will unlock the game features.

  • Icon with pink cat

You will notice an icon with the pink cat. This icon will take you to the same type of more free games. All these games are from the same publisher. You can enjoy the which you want to enjoy. Download the game from our website for free.

  • Two cat icon

When you touch this icon, you can visit any of your friends’ homes. In the same way, any of your friends can visit your home. By visiting different people’s homes, you will get gifts by touching on the icon. This is the way to collect more coins.

  • Film icon

This icon leads you to different funny videos of my talking tom. Touch on the icon and enjoy some news in the game.

  • Speaker icon

This icon is important for you if you don’t enjoy the voice of My Talking Tom 2. You can touch this icon and mute the sound.

My Talking Tom APK 1

APK features

  • Simple and creative graphics

The game is designed very simply. There are no more characters in the game. The cute talking cat is very good-looking. Overall the design is very creative. Each person can play this game very easily. There isn’t any rocket science in playing this game.

  • Free install

You can install this game for free. Download it from our website. You can also install this game from the Google play store.

  • Sound

The sound of the game is not much loud. It is not that irritating sound that some games have. There is also an icon to mute the sound if you don’t like it.

MOD Features

  • Unlimited coins/unlimited money

This MOD version of the game includes unlimited coins and diamonds. You can very quickly level up your game in this version. Install it and enjoy!




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