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NameMy Mini Mart
PublisherSupersonic Studios LTD
Last Updated23-02-2022



Cannot wait to adventure anymore? My Mini Mart APK is a cute casual game where you manage your organic product store. You have to sell goods in bulk and deliver your products to the shelves to attract as many customers as possible.

Start the challenging journey of running your own Mini Mart. It would help if you grew plants, tended to your animals, and sold finished products to customers. On Valentine’s Day, provide our customers with beautiful flowers such as roses and tulips. What better method to display your love than with flowers?

Be your head and do it in a unique style. As your business grows, you need to hire more workers; farmers to run the farm, suppliers, and cashiers. You will breed chickens, get eggs and sell them. Get a cow to provide milk to your store. Never stop improving your shop, farm, and office. In My Mini Mart APK, you have a lot of hats to choose and try, and more coming in the future. Will you play this good and relaxing game?

My Mini Mart APK

My Mini Mart APK Highlights

Come up with a unique construction idea

Build a progressive idea and map out the most precise directions to make a modern Mini Mart chain. Players also need to sketch a map.

After accomplishing the outline, you need to implement the plan rapidly. Provide the safest food by building farms and gardens. Meet all expectations of consumers nicely and build trust. Always update your stores to create a modern and convenient Mini Mart.

Expand large gardens and modern farms

Want to create a dynamic business environment with more developmental opportunities? It would be best if you enrolled more laborer’s as well as growers so that they can expand several farms and gardens. You should promote the production lines to harvest and export finished products to meet buyers’ needs.

Use modern machines for transportation and farming. Another main point for receiving a large amount of money and becoming a rich boss is strengthening your relationships with the restaurants and the other places to provide food.

Sell fruits and animal products

Do you love managing stores? Then My Mini Mart APK is in search of you. You will sell fruits and animal products on your shelves as many people come every day. Hence, you will be able to earn a lot of money. You will need to restock the shelves every so often. A time will come when you will hire a cashier as you earn money and expand your business. Many products, including eggs, tomatoes, and apples, can be sold and you will enjoy them a lot!

Plenty of room for improvement

In the start, players face difficulties during gameplay. But gradually, they learn to play through experience. Players need to be diligent enough to start this game.

If you want to play the role of a farmer and a player simultaneously, this game is best for you. Gethelp from game experts in case of difficulty.

Satisfying the needs of all consumers

Players should move rapidly to harvest and put it on display on each shelf. Every person in the game will have their task, and you must assign it carefully to do everything well.

It would be pleasant if you also came up with a new idea to develop more Mini Mart Chains to satisfy the needs of more consumers. Introduce new items and products with the potential to flourish in this business chain. Promoting the chain of charity businesses, giving a few big vouchers to customers, and bringing in new customer appreciation programs are very effective business directions to fulfil your dream.

Do the work

You must do your work manually. You may unlock many shelves, sell different animal and plant products and expand your operations. The game lets you earn a huge amount.

3D game

Overall, My Mini Mart is a nice 3D game that can provide you with amusement anytime you want. You can move quickly around the Mart and do various tasks. So, are you willing to grow your Mini Mart into an empire? Download this game, run your store, and sell various products to become your boss.

Addictive gameplay

My Mini Mart APK is an addictive game. Although it brings exciting experiences, you need to adopt reasonable business strategies to earn huge profits. Create a friendly relationship with consumers to develop more assertiveness in all aspects of the problem. You have to create large gardens to provide quality food to people.

Versatile game

Do whatever you decide to do in life. My Mini Mart APK is perfect for relaxing and enjoying the moment. When you play this game for hours, your anxiety and stress will reduce. You will be excited and happy.

Minimalistic graphics

The game has simple yet memorable graphics. The illustrations depict minimal art and extreme spareness. The aesthetic graphics make the game decent.

Fun casual game

Are you looking for something between casual and action games? Party hard! You have got it. My Mini Mart APK is a casual action game that allows you to trace out deep without doing a lot. But, you have to be productive to become a successful businessman. By unlocking more products, you may expand your operations slowly. Those who play casual games do not need to do many quests.

My Mini Mart APK

MOD Version of My Mini Mart APK

No ads:

The mod version of this game is free from all kinds of advertisements. Thus there is no waste of time during gameplay.

Unlimited money:

You have unlimited money in the modded version of My Mini Mart APK. This feature adds to the entertainment of this game.


In short, My Mini Mart APK is one of the best exciting games by the developers of Supersonic Studios. Manage stores, plant crops, and farm your animals. Sell all organic products, operate the counter, and stock the shelves. Download My Mini Mart APK today and try managing your store.


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