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Murder us APK is an addictive action game as evident from its successful title. More than 10,000,000 people around the world are playing this game. This social game allows you to play with 6-20 players while setting the tasks to win. However, you need to be careful during play because some murderers among you will not stop until they kill the whole crowd.

The game is an excellent option for those who want to amuse with some variation in the gameplay. The good thing about Murder us APK is that you can select the role of your choice. If you are the infiltrator, you must eradicate all the crew members without them being able to identify you. But if you choose to be a crew member, you should try to remain alive while you finish the tasks required on the ship.

Crew members on the ship have different classes. Hence, it is up to the player whether he wants to be a detective with the capacity to detect the killer’s footprints and identify blood on the suspect’s body.  Depending upon your conversations with the other players, you will decide who to sacrifice and who to trust. This social aspect of Murder us APK is a vital point to win. So are you interested in this fun action game?

Murder us APK


There are four roles in Murder us APK.

1)Crewman: Their goal is to complete all tasks to win. Along with their companions, they try to eliminate assassins.

2)Assassin: They have to assassinate the crowd and sabotage several tasks causing destruction. This action will facilitate the murders. Moreover, they will be able to create alibis to deceive others.

3)Detective: They must collect shreds of evidence that the murderers leave to find them. They may see their tracks, and their vote is worth double.

4)Accomplice: They should clean and hide the tracks and the dead bodies left by the murderer. Hence, they try to prevent the murderer from being discovered. In addition, they can reduce a vote from a player.

Features of Murder us APK


The rooms maybe

1)Public: In a public room, you can play with people from the whole world.

2)Private: Private room allows players to play only with their friends.

Variety of skins

In Murder us APK, you have a diversity of skins. You can use detailed skins as you wish. Change your appearance and spot the killer before he takes down the entire crew. The game has mild violence, and the app developer has placed several ads.


There are several pets in this complex game. These pets are like your loyal friends. A player can use them for many practical purposes, crucial in success.

Several garments, hats, and accessories

Murder us APK has many hats, garments, and accessories, which make this game quite interesting. Hence, you can create a character as you wish.

Best action game

Murder us APK is one of the best action games to play. You can choose a role as you like. The game enhances capabilities to cope with the worst situation.


Murder us APK is known for its impressive graphics. The player does not feel bored due to the many beautiful scenes. Everyone gets lost in the fantastic graphics of this game easily. You will not feel interruptions during play because of the smoothness of the game.


The music and sound effects of Murder us APK are surprising. You will feel yourself on a battlefield when playing the game. The great selling point of the app lets you enjoy entertaining mechanics on any Android device.

Home screen

Although the home screen of this game is not so complicated, most of the players find it very attractive. You will not be troubled due to the many options on the home screen. So, only a few clicks take you into the game.

Rating and reviews

If you are keen to discover genuine reviews about this fancy game, you can read public comments here. You can also have a look at our excellent rating. Perhaps, it may help you. You can also write your thoughts about this game here.


Murder us APK has three fantastic maps already created. You can also create your map with the help of an astonishing level editor. These maps are helpful for players because they help them to orientate themselves.

Free to download

Do you want to play but cannot pay? Then you must try all the premium releases for free. Click the download button and install this fantastic game on your mobile phone. We provide a pure and original APK installer for Murder us. You will gain a different experience every time you play this game.


You can play this game online only. The game can be played privately with your friends or publicly with anyone worldwide.

Murder us APK

MOD Version of Murder us APK

Variety of maps: Several maps are present in the mod version. They have an essential role in making this game charming.

Unlimited money: You have unlimited money in the mod version of Murder us APK. Although the game is quite tough to play, this feature of the mod version helps a lot in decreasing the difficulty level.


Are you in love with detective games? Then you must try Murder us APK. This is an among us game that allows the user to identify and eradicate the killer, or perhaps the killer is you.

Murder us APK is not so pleasant for most people, but it is still an amazing strategic game. So far, I have provided you with a lot about this action game. Now it is your turn. Download this exciting game and start enjoying it with your friends.


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