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NameMarvel strike force
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Marvel Strike Force APK is recognized as the ‘Mobile Game Of the year 2019’. The game has generated about $ 150 Million to the owner in its first year. Since then, the growth has been explosively increasing. In addition, Marvel Strike Force APK has achieved several awards in three years. If you are a fan of turn-based gaming format that is easily accessible, you are at the perfect place.

The game has a wonderful story. An assault occurs on the planet Earth by evil forces. Several agents gather together and organize a team of heroes and villains to defeat.

Are you ready to dive into the marvel universe? Can you fight to save the Earth? If yes, then start downloading the app and enjoy your day!


The game is a combination of power and strategy. At the start, players assemble characters from the heroes and villains. Marvel Strike Force APK also allows players to collect other generic characters from huge organizations, e.g., Hydra, The Hand and S.H.I.E.L.D. Then players utilize these characters to defeat opponents.

In Marvel Strike Force APK, there is a division of battles into rounds. Battles are based upon the speed attribute of characters, i.e., the character having the highest speed will go first. Fighters apply several buffs to their team while debuffs to the enemy. They try their utmost to keep the last character alive.

Players can join alliances which allows them to play in raids. All players need to be in an alliance so that if any player leaves, a new player can take his place.

Marvel strike force APK

Modes of this game

Different game modes are

  • Campaigns: Campaigns are story modes divided into Worlds. Worlds are further divided into stages. Each stage has several characters.
  • Arena: Arena tries to get daily prizes based on ranking.
  • Blitz: Blitz has the same work as Arena with a bit of difference, giving a more significant benefit to the player. Blitz allows immediate subsequent matches.
  • Raids: Raids are several maps of up to 24 persons to combat all nodes.
  • Real Time Arena: Real Time Arena is a battle between two players in real-time.
  • Challenges and Alliance War: Challenges are usually completed to gather many resources. Specific traits of character are required to complete a challenge. Alliance war means working all players in an alliance with good collaboration.

Marvel Strike Force APK Features:

Game rewards

There is a lot to like about the game. You can earn your rewards in the form of shards by purchasing them from shops or completing battles. You can use these rewards to promote and unlock characters.


Marvel Strike Force APK has more than 150 plus diverse characters, from heroes, villains, minions etc.  As the game continues, players build a strong team of great superheroes and supervillains. Thus the game involves power, healing and magic.

Top ten best characters of Marvel Strike Force APK

  1. Kestrel
  2. Captain America (Sam Wilson)
  3. Shang-Chi
  4. Gamora
  5. Baron Zemo
  6. Moondragon
  7. Sharon Carter
  8. Proxima Midnight
  9. Black Widow
  10. Night Nurse

Levels of the Game

The game has 80 levels. You can move to a higher level by winning battles or gaining experience. There are two level systems of Marvel Strike Force APK:

  • Account level
  • Characters level

You have to get Experience(XP) points to upgrade both of them.

Free to download

The game can be downloaded free from this website by clicking the install box. After some moments, you will have your game in front of you. Start playing the game and share your thoughts here.

Safety of phone

Do you worry about the safety of your phone when you install apps? No game can be more friendly with your phone than the Marvel Strike Force APK. The app is free from malware or viruses because the app owner improves, modifies, and checks the app regularly.

Conflict handling

Why should you play fighting games? Because fighting games enhance your brain activity and test your skill. They teach you how to manage disaster and conflict. But do not spend too much time on these role playing games because excess of everything is bad.

Ranks of characters

You can increase the character’s rank to 7 stars. As the rank of your character increases, it becomes much more robust. It is interesting to know that achieving the first two ranks is easy, but the higher ranks are challenging.

Are you ready to increase the rank of your heroes and use them to defeat your enemy? We wish you the best of luck on this thrilling adventure!


The game has excellent 3D graphical animation. A lot of eye-catchy scenes make the game enjoyable. The appearance of a superhero is similar to that in real movies, which makes the players addicted to the game.

Enable/Disable notifications

Most of us feel annoying when several notifications pop up while playing the game. You can turn off notifications of the app if you feel a disturbance. They can also be turned on when needed.

Marvel strike force APK

MOD Version of the game

  • Unlimited money/ unlimited energy

The Marvel Strike Force APK involves unlimited money and energy. You can download this MOD version easily.

  • Ads-free

An essential feature of the game is that it is ad-free. Is it not a unique feature? Yes, it is. Because now you need not worry about blocking useless ads.

  • Unlocked-characters

In the Mod version, all characters will be unlocked.


The game has 10,000,000+ worldwide downloads. You might wonder what makes Marvel Strike Force such a great game? When you play, you feel immersed in a sea of players and game modes that increase the gameplay. The game is a solid animation of entertainment and fun. Well, you should install the game from our website. We hope you will feel good after playing the game.

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