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Manor CafeAPK is a game that is fascinating to play. The game has mini games inside it that you must complete to solve the puzzles. While playing puzzle games, you can earn coins, and as you gain enough coins you can unlock different accessories, decorative items, and everything else you can use to give your old restaurant a new look. Your restaurant can be customized with different items as well as upgraded with all sorts of new features.

The manor cafe game has a very straightforward user interface. There is also very heartwarming sound and graphics in this game. It allows you to play this game while you do not have an internet connection on your phone. Yet, you can still enjoy the same experience.

Showcase your creativity when designing your restaurant, serving your customers, maintaining a clean restaurant, and providing quality food at your restaurant so people come to your restaurant amazed by the service, creativity, and taste of the food.

Consequently, they can become your regular customers, resulting in you generating a good revenue so you can transform your small and old restaurant into a big and brand new one. You can unlock new recipes and tasty foods by collecting coins while you complete customer requests.Get the Manor Cafe APK from our website and play this game and discover the many new adventures throughout the game.

Manor Cafe APK

APK Features

Renovate Your Restaurant

You will be able to collect different items in the restaurant when you play the mini game and solve puzzles. These items include items used while serving, cooking, and many others.

Once you have completed the puzzles and earned coins, you can use them to unlock renovations and decorative items that will transform your old restaurant into a beautiful and appealing one.

Play offline

The Manor Cafe APK comes with both online and offline mods.  Thus, it is possible for you to play this game without an internet connection on your mobile device.

Showcase your skills

Play this game to demonstrate your skills that how well you are at handling customers, managing the restaurant work, cooking delicious meals for your customers, and fulfilling all your responsibilities at the same time.

30 levels

The game has 30 levels available to be played. Each level has a different challenge and mission to accomplish. Please download manor cafe APK now from our website and play it and complete all the missions.

HD Graphics

The graphics in the game are excellent so everything will appear very clear to you and the HD graphics increase the overall fun of the game.

Friendly Interface

An intuitive and simple interface makes this game very easy to play. Therefore, even if you do not have any prior experience playing this game, you can easily play it since it provides you with all instructions upon first playing it.

In app Purchase

There are many features in the Manor Cafe APK that are not available until you can purchase them with real money, and also you will not be able to use them. It is only possible to decorate your restaurant after you have paid for it, unlock new and unique recipes, tasteful food, and renovate items if you have paid for them. So each of the items has a different price on average they are between 1.02$ and 94.84$. Please use your credit card or debit card or any other transaction method that they may have asked for.

Mod Intro

This Mod APK of Manor Cafe gives you access to all its advanced features for free without asking you to pay for them as well as provide you with unlimited money, unlimited lives, and unlimited stars, as well as provide the latest, best, and most up-to-date version of Manor APK for free! Now you can download the Manor Cafe Cheats APK for free.

Manor Cafe game

Mod Features

  • Unlock all the locked features
  • Unlimited coins
  • Unlimited stars
  • The possibility of unlimited lives
  • Support all devices
  • Latest version
  • No bugs
  • No ads
  • Free to download


With Manor Cafe APK, you are tasked with dealing with the customers, maintaining your restaurant image, preparing tasty dishes, and providing exceptional service to customers so they become your regular customers. The décor of your restaurant can be improved by adding new items and renovating those that are outdated.

Make your restaurant more functional by adding new amenities. Since the game can be played without an internet connection, you can play it while traveling or in any other place where there is no internet access available. Moreover, it can help you take away your boredom. By collecting coins, you can unlock all the locked features.

The game offers you the chance to unlock hidden features by completing puzzles in order to earn money. As well as offering you the option to buy items for instantuse using real money, this game also provides you the option to access all the locked features free of charge without having to spend your money.The only thing you have to do is download the Manor Cafe Mod APK from our site and you’ll be able to use it for free, along with unlimited money, stars, lives, and other items available in the game.

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