Hungry Shark Evolution Mod APK Unlimited Everything (Money/Pearls)

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NameHungry Shark Evolution
PublisherUbisoft Entertainment
Size96 MB
Requires4.1 and up
Last Updated29-01-2022



Hungry Shark Evolution is a worth playing game. If you love sea animals, you should give a try this game. You will be amazed by the wonderful moves of your virtual shark.

In the game, you have to feed your shark. You have to save food for the shark. In short, you have to keep your shark alive. There are many ways for this in the game. You can utilize all the possible ways for keeping your shark alive.

The game includes unlimited fascinating and interesting features. I bet you are going to love this game. if you have downloaded Hungry Shark Evolution from our website then now it is time for you to read this article.

Here in this article, we are going to review all the interesting features of this game. Read it till the end and then enjoy your game!

Hungry Shark Evolution Mod APK

  1. Easy to control

The game is featured with an easy control option. The gamers have to control their shark to win the game. The shark can be controlled easily by touching it. Thanks to Hungry Shark Evolution’s developer who have designed it very well.

There are many more appealing features of this game waiting for you. Let’s explore all of those.

  1. Unlock more sharks

The gameplay of Hungry Shark Evolution APK includes many species of sharks. You can play with different shark species in this game by unlocking them. No, you can ask how to unlock the other shark species of the game?

Well, as you proceed in the game, you unlock its further levels. With each passing level, new shark species enter the game. You can also have beasts of several different kinds.

In short, you are going to explore sea life in a fun way. Don’t wait anymore and start downloading this game from our website.

  1. Discovers the unknown ocean world

The game continues with more thrill and fun. You can be a discoverer of new worlds in this game. Travel with your shark to each corner of the new ocean world. Explore the sea world as much as you can.

Allow your shark to have feasts of different plates of seafood. Make your shark healthy and strong to move to the next levels of the game. isn’t this interesting and captivating? I hope it is. You will never stop yourself from playing this game again and again.

Download it and explore it in the way you want. Let’s move towards some awesome features of this game.

  1. Fight with weird creatures

The game contains all the sea creatures. You are going to encounter some weird creatures in the sea of sharks. You have to eat them and continue your journey of exploring the ocean.

But it’s not that easy. The weird beasts are much more dangerous. You have to be sharp and fast to save your shark. The more focused you are in the game, the more you will get success.

If you successfully demolish the enemies you can have a delicious feast of seafood. Enjoy it the way you want to enjoy it and move forward.

  1. Raise the baby sharks

The game also enables you to choose a baby shark and raise it. You can raise the baby shark in the way you want. These sharks will be more affectionate towards you. They will play aggressively with the enemies and lead you towards success.

You are going to have all fun and thrill while playing the Hungry Shark Evolution APK.

  1. Equip your sharks

The game does not have an ordinary shark. This contains a fantasy shark. Your shark is even capable of flying. The game provides you with many gears. You can equip your shark with these gears and make the shark stronger.

When the danger increases, provide a jetpack to your shark and make it fly. Isn’t it appealing to you to play this game? I know it is. But wait and read the next features too. This will add some more fun and thrill to the game.

  1. Collect the bonus

The shark is not leaving you empty-handed. There are many hidden bonuses in the game. The shark will collect when traveling through the ocean. These bonuses help unlock several locked features of the game.

The more bonuses a shark collects the more it will become powerful. Keep enjoying the journey of exploring the ocean with your shark.

  1. Multiple missions

As the game proceeds, the enemies get stronger. Shark has to tackle them with a great fighting strategy.  The game includes multiple missions. You can earn unlimited awards by taking part in these missions.

The game becomes more interesting and thrilling when you take part in several missions. You can increase your stay in the ocean when you complete the missions.

  1. Offline gameplay feature

You can play Hungry Shark Evolution APK even without the internet. You must be thinking that then how your progress will be upgraded. Don’t worry when your internet connection will be back, Google play will automatically upgrade your progress.

  1. Graphics of the game

Hungry Shark Evolution android game includes attractive 3D graphics. The graphics of the game enables the gamers to enjoy real-time ocean exploring. Download the game and enjoy each amazing feature of this game.

  1. Sound

The game includes soothing, beautiful, and on-theme music. You are not going to experience any harsh and ear hurting music in this game. this feature of  Hungry Shark Evolution also makes it attractive to play.

Hungry Shark Evolution Mod APK

MOD Version

  1. Unlimited coins/gems

The MOD version of this game includes unlimited coins and pearls waiting for you. You can download the MOD version of Hungry Shark Evolution on your android from this website and enjoy.

  1. Unlimited Unlocked features

You can get free access to unlimited unlocked features of this game in the MOD version. This will cost you less and gives you more fun


If you are in search of a casual game, you can download Hungry Shark Evolution APK without any hesitation. One can explore the game and become addicted to it. The graphics of the game are appealing. All the fun that a gamer wants in a game can be experienced in this game. You can witness it by yourself.  With each new update, the game is becoming more captivating.

Download it from our website and enjoy. Good luck in the journey of exploring the ocean!


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