Green Kinemaster Mod APK V5.5.0 Full Unlocked (No Watermark)

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App NameGreen Kinemaster Mod APK
Current Version5.5.0
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Do you want to edit videos on your phone like a pro? There are lots of video editing apps out there, but KineMaster is one of the best. It’s easy to use and has lots of features.

Now, there’s a new version of KineMaster called Green KineMaster. It’s basically the same app, but with a green theme. And it’s available for free.

If you’re interested in trying out Green KineMaster, here’s what you need to know.

Green KineMaster is a modified version of the regular KineMaster app. It’s been created by a third-party developer, and it’s available for free. Just like the regular KineMaster app, Green KineMaster allows you to edit videos on your phone. However, it has a green theme instead of the regular blue theme.

Green KineMaster includes all of the same features as the regular KineMaster app. This means you can still use all of the same tools and effects to edit your videos. However, the green theme may make it easier to see your video content.

So if you’re looking to take your video editing skills to the next level, this is the app for you.

Green Kinemaster Mod APK

What is Green Kinemaster mod APK?

Green Kinemaster Mod APK is an Android mod of the popular video editing app, Kinemaster.

This modded version of Kinemaster includes several features that are not available in the standard app, including: a higher maximum resolution for videos, the ability to import videos from other apps, and support for drag and drop editing.

It also removes the watermark from exported videos and gives you access to all of the paid features for free.


Green Kinemaster mod APK has many features that are not available in the regular version of the app. These include:

– No watermark on your videos

– Higher resolution export options

– Import videos from other apps

– Drag and drop editing

– Free access to all of the paid features

– Access to all premium features

The modded app also allows you to record your phone’s screen, which can be a useful feature for creating tutorials or product reviews. Overall, the green APK is a better option if you want to get more out of your Kinemaster app.


  • There are several advantages of using the Green Kinemaster mod apk.
  • One is that you can use it to add effects and overlays to your videos to make them more creative and interesting.
  • You can also use it to speed up or slow down your videos, which can be a great way to create unique effects.
  • Additionally, the Green Kinemaster mod apk provides a wide range of features and tools that you can use to improve your videos, including filters, transitions, text, and more.

So if you’re looking for a way to add some extra flair to your videos, the Green Kinemaster mod apk is definitely worth considering.


While the Green Kinemaster mod APK offers a number of advantages, there are also a few disadvantages that users should be aware of.

  • One of the main drawbacks is that the file size is much larger than the regular version, which can take up more storage space on your device.
  • Additionally, some features are only available in the paid version, so you may have to purchase the Pro version to access them.
  • Lastly, while it’s possible to use Green Kinemaster without watermarking your videos, doing so requires a bit of workarounds and may not produce the same quality results.

Mod intro:

The mod intro of Green Kinemaster is an action-packed, fast paced introduction to the world of modding. In this exciting video tutorial, you’ll learn everything you need to know about modding your favorite games, from downloading mods to installing them and taking advantage of all their features. You’ll also get a behind the scenes look at the development process of Green Kinemaster, one of the most popular game modification tools available. So if you’re ready to start modding your games, this is the video for you.

Green Kinemaster Mod APK

Mod features:

There are a number of features that distinguish the Green Kinemaster mod APK from the standard version of the app. Some of these features include:

The ability to import and export videos in resolutions up to 4K.

A wider range of video editing tools, including advanced color adjustment and audio editing tools.

To apply filters and overlays to videos in real time, for a more polished finished product.

A greater degree of control over output file formats, including the ability to save videos as GIFs or MP4s with H264 or MPEG-4 compression.

Support for a wide range of input file formats, including popular video formats like AVI, MOV, and MKV.

Record your screen with the built-in Screen Recorder tool.

Free access to all of the paid features of the app, without having to make an in-app purchase.

As you can see, the Green Kinemaster mod APK offers a number of advantages over the standard version of the app. If you’re looking for a more powerful and versatile video editing solution, the Green Kinemaster mod APK is definitely worth considering.


The Green Kinemaster mod APK is a modified version of the original Kinemaster application. This modded version includes several features that are not found in the original app, including:

-A higher bitrate for video recording, up to 144mbps

-The ability to record in 4K resolution

-No watermark on videos

-Ability to save videos in MP4 format

The Green Kinemaster mod APK is a great choice for users who want to get more out of their video recording experience. With its added features, this app allows users to create high quality videos without having to worry about any watermarks or other restrictions.

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