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Grand café mania is a simulation game.  The game is very best to learn about the management of a chain of restaurants. If you are a young man and had ever dreamed of a café of your own then you can see the accomplishment of your dream in this game.

Start a Café:

The game starts when you open it and start a café of your own. You manage your café and operate it in the best possible way. As you know every businessman took start from a few resources to build an empire. Similarly in this game, you have to start your café with few resources like a small space and few items. There will be just one diligent employee at a time.

Now you start your work. You will prepare your first cup of coffee. Your first customer will enter your café. You have to show some business ethics i.e. welcome your customer wholeheartedly and then serve him the coffee. If your customer is satisfied with the taste of your coffee, you will get money. The customer will leave the shop with a happy face.

Expand your business worldwide:

Now you have some money earned from your café. What will you do with that money when you have that in the real world? Think about it. You will love to expand your business. What is the first step? Yes, you guessed right. Firstly you will buy some more items for your café and will introduce some new eatable items in your café. This will lead you to earn unlimited coins.

So in the same way, in grand café mania APK, you will invest in extra machinery and will introduce food items in your café. Now new customers will come. You will follow the same business ethics and serve them wholeheartedly. If your customers are satisfied, you will get more money. Now you will also think of expanding your business more. That’s why you will first expand your café place. You will build one new story and then story after story. This step will also lead you to attract more customers and as a result, earn more unlimited coins.

Business instructions:

Now we will talk about some business instructions here. If you have expanded your business in grand café mania and have increased your customers too then you should be worried about the quality of your business too. Because there are chances that to get more customers you lose your previous customers too due to lack of quality coffee you provide them.

Fast Services:

What will be its consequence? Well, you will lose money definitely and your business would be crashed. Therefore you have to be careful in the game. You need to provide each customer with quality food and fast delivery. Your every customer should be satisfied. This will increase your reputation too. Always give importance to your customer’s likes and dislikes.

You also have to decorate your coffee shop in a diversified way to attract your customers.  In short, this game will make you understand much about business. You will have an idea about how to manage your business in the right way. You will learn the dos and don’ts of your business in this game.

Making you more enthusiastic, this game will lead you to develop a real-time stronger chain of cafes. This game will lead you to have a strong desire about setting up your own business and making money in reality.

Grand Cafe Mania

APK Features

  • Cute Characters

there are some cute characters both as customers and as owners. So in short this game is soothing to the eyes.

  • Easy To Control

The game is easy to control. You can easily make your café beautiful by spending money on it.

  • Attractive visuals

The game has some attractive 3D visuals. You can enjoy the visuals along with playing the game.

  • Employing Employees

You employ employees when you level up your game and gain enough coins. This seems an interesting and attractive activity to do. Isn’t it? Well, you can have the feeling of a boss there and can have some good feeling.

  • Interesting business developing ideas

As this game is all about opening your café and operating it in a manageable way, you can learn real-time business methods from this game.

  • Café management

This game gives you an idea of how to manage your café. You can play this easily and have lots of new ideas about gaining unlimited coins.

  • Leveling up

As you satisfy your customer, you get more money and expand your café. In this way, your levels up in the game and hence get unlimited coins after completing every level.

  • Soothing sound

The game includes beautiful cheering images along with nice and soothing sounds. You can enjoy all these features at once after installing this game. The sound is not very loud. It’s little but hits only when there is the right time to play a sound.

  • Expensive diamond cart

If you play the grand café mania game, you can have some expensive diamonds in your cart. You can become an owner of beautiful and expensive diamonds after completing your levels and  watching ads. Hence after completing a couple of tasks satisfactory, you can have beautiful diamonds of your own. But stop. These diamonds would be in-game only. Not in real life.

Grand Cafe Mania image

MOD version

  • Mod features

You can download the MOD version of the grand café mania apk for free. If you run out of coins you can buy diamonds by spending some cash. After buying diamonds, restart the game to shoe increased diamonds.

Download its MOD version from this website and enjoy all the features of this game. You will get all the unlocked features easily and hence earn unlimited coins. This will lead you to earn unlimited money.


Grand café mania is an interesting game that gives enthusiastic people an idea to run their business properly by getting experience virtually. You will be thinking that it’s just a game and is different from the real-life hardships of business. So yes you are right but you can have a better experience in the real-life café business after playing this game.

Let’s have some experience of being an owner of chains of the coffee shop here with this game!

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