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NameGangstar Vegas
PublisherMohammed Jahidul Alam
Version5.5 0q
RequiresAndroid 5.0+
Last Updated14-02-2022



Gangstar Vegas APK is a third-person action game having an excellent title. The game takes place in a vast world where you can do whatever comes to mind on the streets of the City of Sin. Las Vegas is nine times bigger than the previous cities in this season. As expected, you fight a war with mafia cartels and gangsters. You may attack passers-by, chase cars, do illegal businesses, organize robberies, kill zombies and kidnap innocents to become a gang leader. You can also solve some hilarious quests along the way. After completing a few missions, you are left to your own equipment in the city of sin.

Do you want to explore an open world where you are the king and can do what you want? Why not? Become unique, choose fighting styles, pick up equipment and kill all your enemies. Just click the download box and have fun. Get yourself prepared to take control of a man who must survive in a city of crime.

If you are 18 and want to give your internal beast the freedom to rejoice by murdering half-naked women, you are welcome to the world of crime!

Gangstar Vegas APK

Fighting for life

The game has several moments of excitement. Continue fighting for survival through each adventurous mission. In auto racing challenges, thieves and robbers will chase you and compel you to drive outside the city. Boats and motorcycles can also be your vehicle choices for completing missions. You will know how much there is to explore in this game when you play.

Criminal missions

There are 80 different missions of Gangstar Vegas APK. More missions are added with each update. At anytime and anywhere, you can find street fights and boxing. You should hold the gun tightly in your hand and participate in the bloody wars ever. More weapons, powers, and vehicles are available to accomplish each different mission.


Plenty of weapons, vehicles and clothes

You can use any weapon; shotguns, machine guns, handguns, grenades, Molotov’s, flamethrowers, baseball bats and even your fists to kill innocents. Multiple vehicles like sports cars, police cars, tanks and monster trucks can be seen roaming here and there. Moreover, you can also change your look with new clothes, chipmunk masks and haircuts.

Time limitation

It is essential to know that there is limited time for each mission in the game. So, to pass racing challenges in this vast open world, the player should not waste time. Drive around and cause chaos with crazy weapons such as plasma and lasers.

Driving controls

Do you like to live like a true gangster? It’s your choice. The player walks around, runs, shoots, and interacts with objects using an on-screen directional pad and action buttons. You can set different control systems for bikes and cars. Thus, tilt-based steering for motorcycles and arrow based for cars can be used if you like.

City maps

To show the player’s current position, a mini-map is shown in the corner of the screen. Another detailed map, generally known as the ubiquitous city map, shows you several points of interest. Usually, you can move straight to a mission without driving to the start point.


Gangstar Vegas APK is known for its excellent graphics rivaling previous versions. The city of Las Vegas drags the player into the story. While playing, you find high-quality graphics and incredible detail. The characters also look good in the game.

Offline play

It is pretty easy to play this game offline. After downloading the app, turn off your mobile data to enjoy this biggest game. Gangstar Vegas APK is free to download.

Gangstar Vegas APK

How to win Gangstar Vegas APK?

Do you want to know some tricks to dominate in this incredible game? Here we are telling you simple ways to become a legend:

Buy armor, health, and ammo in missions: For weapons mid-mission, you have to go to a store to buy armor, ammo and health kits. The reason is that you can complete missions with less effort when you have good health.

Run and shoot: Running and shooting enable the player to buy new medical kits when needed. That does not mean you cannot accomplish your missions without buying stuff. But it requires more time.

Upgrade weapons quickly: Power of Weapons can make the difference between you overwhelming your enemies or getting squeezed by them. So, it is crucial to buy a new fancy gun if you can afford it.


  • Open game world
  • Several missions
  • Excellent graphics
  • A lot of vehicles, items and weapons
  • Amusing to play
  • Quick Play mode
  • Customizable controls


  • Requires an ample free space on android
  • Not original
  • Poor controls

Age to play the game

It is recommended that children below the age of 18 years should not play this game. The reason is that some experts believe that this criminal app may negatively affect children’s mental health. Due to mental immaturity, they can take the game too seriously. When they grow up, such children may get involved in criminal activities. In addition, many other causes also make this game inappropriate for children, such as gore, violence, sex, nudity, profanity, alcohol, drugs, smoking, certification and intense scenes.

MOD Version of the game

  • Unlimited Money and diamonds

Download Gangstar Vegas APK on your Android to get unlimited money and diamonds used to buy all items.

  • Free VIP points

VIP points are an essential part of the game. They provide different items as we move to higher VIP levels. However, earning VIP points is a difficult task requiring a lot of struggle. But you will be happy to know that our Gangstar Vegas APK gives free VIP points that allow you to grab unique items.

  • Ads-free

Another unique feature of the MOD version is that it is free from all kinds of ads. Thus you will not divert your concentration during play.

  • No root required

Most people do not want their phones to be rooted. That is why; they cannot benefit from modded games and apps. But here is some good news. This app is updated in such a way that it can work even on non-rooted devices.

  • Auto enemy target

In the mod version, there is a feature of auto enemy target that is very helpful for players.


If you like San Andreas and Vice City games but have no time, Gangstar Vegas is best for you with all its freedom and violence. So, are you ready? Download the app from our website and start installing it. Let us go and fight against the opponents, police, mob and even aliens to live a new life.

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