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Vector Full APK Latest Version

App NameVector APK
Latest Versionv 1.4.4
Size145 MB
Updated OnOctober 2, 2023
MOD InfoOriginal APK
RequirementAndroid 4.0 or Above

Are you a fan of parkour? Then you need to install Vector Full Apk, an action-packed arcade game designed for parkour enthusiasts. Show off your moves and pass the hurdles with style in this full-fledged thrilling game. Want to know how awesome Vector is? Give this article a read to learn more.

Vector Full Apk-Game Story

Vector is an action-adventure game where you constantly run from enemies and pass challenging obstacles along the way in parkour-style jumps and moves. The characters and objects are black vectors, making this game look quite appealing. Along the way, you collect coins and new parkour moves that upgrade your skills as you progress through the game. With each passing level, the difficulty increases with more challenging hurdles and enemies catching you faster. You need to be super-efficient and quick to win the levels.

When you start the game, you see an introductory video where a mastermind (Big Brother) speaks to millions of humans controlled with a headgear. The player (you) decides to throw away his mind-controlling headgear and run away. The alarm goes off, and the soldiers start chasing you. The player tears away his shirt and jumps through the glass window. The game begins with the player jumping on skyscrapers and running away from the chasers into a distant horizon. You have to run as fast as you can from the chaser and make unique parkour moves at the obstacles to gain stars. Each level comes with its own parkour moves, which you need to purchase with the accumulated coins.

General Features of Vector Full Apk

Vector is an excellent free-running game that offers you the following best features.

HD Graphics

Vector features top-notch graphics and an appealing visual outlay. The parkour effects are really sharp and vibrant. The sound quality is exceptional and really makes the game feel realistic. The introductory video is of such good quality you forget that this is a free Android game released years ago.

Various Levels

There are multiple scenarios in Vector Full APK that get interesting with each passing level. These are Downtown, Construction Yard, and Technology Park. The initial levels in the Downtown are centered on skyscrapers and buildings. After passing them successfully, you enter a new scenario Construction Yard centered on construction sites and finally into the Technology Park.

Different Modes

There is also a Bonus Mode with 27 new levels, which is even harder than the Story Mode. But you get coins twice the amount as in Story Mode. Bonus Mode comes in the full version, where you get 22 new tricks, a Slow Time gadget, and bonus coins you can use to purchase premium gear and equipment. In Hunter Mode, you play as Big Brother and chase the protagonist. The standard mode is Story Mode, with 11 levels where you unlock new levels by garnering enough stars and coins.

In-game Purchases

The game offers plenty of coins that you can use to unlock new levels, obtain new parkour moves, and upgrade your character. You can get new gear and cool gadgets. You can even play the levels, again and again to collect coins and stars to unlock the next stage. You can also gain 50 coins by watching a video.

No Ads

In the full version, you don’t get any ads or sponsored content which hinders the gameplay. The ad-free experience makes doing parkour quite enjoyable.

Vector Full Apk-My Review

Vector has always been my favorite game since its launch. I loved playing Vector due to its unique storyline and impressive parkour skills. The full version offered me new levels which really challenged my gaming skills. Gaining new parkour skills and upgrading equipment is my favorite thing about the game. I have played all versions of the game, and I love all of them equally. Whenever I get bored, I play Vector, and I don’t get any idea of how fast time passes. I recommend this game to all parkour lovers. They will surely love it.


Vector is a free-running arcade game where you run from chasers by doing parkour and performing unique stunts at the obstacles. The whole idea is to exude cool tricks and pass the challenging obstacles without getting caught.

The full game is available on IOS and Android. You can also play the game on a PC via an emulator.

Yes, the game can be played offline. You do not need Wi-Fi to play the game.

Vector Full current version is 1.4.4 and is developed by Nekki. It was last updated on 14-12-2022 and required Android 4.0 and above. It comes under the Arcade category and is available in English.

There are 27 new levels with greater difficulty than the free standard version.

The second installment, released in 2016, is where the original protagonist gets caught by the chasers and is used to test new equipment and research in the laboratory.

The antagonist is Big Brother, who controls hundreds of individuals like Vector with mind-controlling devices. After Vector escapes, he pursues him and shocks him when caught.

The Unidentified Woman is a supporting protagonist in the first version of the game who appears in Stages 2-11 when the Vector gets in an elevator. The female protagonist uses her glider to escape to the roof.

Final Words

Vector Full Apk is a pretty impressive game. Games like these are loved by people of all ages, especially the youth. The full version offers even more levels, equipment, and parkour moves that one should definitely pursue.