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Teardown APK Latest Version (16.7)

App NameTeardown Apk
Latest Versionv 16.7
Size12 MB
Updated OnSeptember 28, 2023
MOD InfoOriginal APK
RequirementAndroid 4.0 or Above

Fan of destruction? If so, you need to get your hands on the thrilling and fun-filled Download Teardown Apk game, where you get to demolish buildings and vehicles and tear down walls. Stack up things or create a massive structure that you can bomb with explosives to feel a sense of satisfaction. If you love destroying things, then Teardown is for you.

Teardown Apk-Game Story

The best aspect of Teardown APK is that there are no explicit rules. All you have to do is to abolish anything that comes your way with a weapon. When you first sign up to play, you get a hammer that you can use to break car mirrors, damage the walls, or destroy the entire house. As the levels progress, you get access to newer and lethal weapons which implode the whole building in seconds. You have to complete missions to fulfill the client’s requirements by collecting targets and avoiding the robots. The gist of the game is that your company has fallen into debt and you are pressured to do work for shady individuals.

In the process, you smash, destroy, and hit targets to search for the objects clients have specifically requested. If you get your hands on valuable items, you get newer weapons. The game begins by collecting the key cards. The security timer starts as soon as you collect the key card, and you have to escape safely before the timer ticks off. Although this may seem easy in theory, it isn’t that simple. You must demonstrate quick wit by planning your escape routes, creating shortcuts, and using vehicles to clear the passage. You need to stay alert and away from the guards.

The idea of bombing things may delight you, but you have to use the explosives carefully as they might destroy the table you have to use to climb the wall. The mission is completed when you have collected the items and safely returned to the base. Teardown offers you a fully-immersive experience where you play in a simulated environment.

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General Features of Teardown Apk

The teardown APK is a mind-blowing game where you get to experience first-hand demolition in high quality. The game offers the following best features.

Sandbox Mode

Sandbox mode is ideal for you if you are playing Teardown to vent your frustration. In this mode, you get access to all sorts of weapons and tools which you can use to attack your targets in different environments.

Campaign Mode

If you are all about completing missions and finding valuable goodies then you must play the campaign mode. The clients ask you to find particular items in buildings which you get after smashing walls and bypassing the alert robots.

Modding Community

The best aspect of Teardown APK is that the game has its own dedicated community with mod support, a built-in editor, and Steam Workshop Integration, where you can create new content, such as building new maps, creating tools, vehicles, and playing levels made by other users. There are currently hundreds of modded levels in which you can participate.

No Registration

You don’t need to sign up for the game or register yourself to play the game. Simply install it and play.

User-friendly Interface

The game offers a simple and easy user interface. Anyone from any age group can play the game without any difficulty.

High-quality Graphics

Despite being a simple voxel game, Teardown offers premium-quality graphics that make explosions appear realistic.

No Ads

Probably the best feature of Teardown APK is that there are no disruptive ads that hinder your gameplay.

My Review

The teardown is one of my favorite games to date due to its exceptional quality and ease of use. When I installed the Teardown apk, I did not know the game could be so spectacular. As soon as I started playing the game, I instantly got hooked. I loved the attention to detail in each level and really loved the Campaign mode. The satisfaction of destroying things and bombing walls felt on another level. When I feel bored, I play Sandbox Mode where I keep on stacking things and then demolishing them all at once.

Although I am satisfied with the game, I want the developers to launch a mobile version to increase users and make it easier for game lovers to play the game at the tip of their fingers. Overall, I would love to give this game a rating of 8.5 out of 10.


The game has two modes, Campaign and Sandbox mode. Campaign mode requires you to complete missions, whereas, in sandbox mode, you get free access to unlimited weapons and resources.

Currently, Teardown is available only on PC/Laptop.

The game has a total of 211 levels.

In the last level, the player has to stop Mr. Amanatides’ Truxterminator from targeting Tracy and Cullington. They have to ensure the robot falls into the ocean. Unlike all other missions, it is the only mission without an Escape vehicle which makes it a bit difficult.

There are a total of 17 tools that get unlocked as the game progresses.

Yes, you can skip certain missions you may find challenging.

The system requirements of Teardown are a 64-bit processor, Windows 7, Quad Core CPU, 4 GB RAM, a storage space of 4 GB, and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphic card.

Final Words

The teardown APK is an exciting and intellectual game that has increasingly become popular among destruction lovers. Make shortcuts, plan your routes, steal things, and demolish objects as you go about completing your mission.