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Slime Rancher APK 2023

App NameSlime Rancher
Latest Versionv 1.29
Size392 MB
Updated OnSeptember 28, 2023
MOD InfoOriginal APK
DeveloperDevfree games
RequirementAndroid 3 or Above

Rear slimes or collect valuable items. That’s what you can do on Slime Rancher Apk. The first-person arcade game features exciting gameplay where you interact with vibrant creatures and build a ranch. If you are into action and adventure games, then this game is ideal for you.

Slime Rancher Apk-Game Story

The game revolves around a character named Beatrix LeBeau, who moves to a planet quite far from earth named the Far Far Range, where she lives a life being a rancher. The crux of the game is to feed, collect, and breed creatures named slimes and use them to obtain various items or get upgrades. Slimes differ in size and traits, such as tails, ears, or wings. They are categorized as feral, docile, harmful, and non-farmable. Beatrix follows the instructions left behind by the previous rancher to continue her journey as a rancher on the Far Far Range.

Your objective is to look after the ranch and breed slimes by feeding them appropriate food items such as meat, vegetables, and fruits. These are the primary food requirements of slimes. If you feed them such foods, they produce plorts twice the average amount. These can be sold in the market to obtain Newbucks, an in-game currency you can use to buy upgrades, such as equipment or buildings.

You can also obtain plorts by sucking them up with a tool called a Vacpack. Using this tool, you can collect food items, slimes, and other collectables. The Vacpack can only hold a few items at a time, so you must go back to your property to unload the items and start to collect more. You have to buy a new property to store the collectables. 

The ranch features a huge population of chickens that you need to control by feeding them to the slimes. If the population increases significantly, the chickens start attacking each other and the player, so they must be controlled.

Moreover, you can also combine slimes to make an enlarged slime by feeding them plorts from another species. The enlarged slime produces two plorts called Largo. However, if you feed plorts of visibly different species to the enlarged slime, it becomes dangerous (called Tarr) and starts attacking the other slimes as well as the player. You can stop Tarr by collecting fresh water from springs to splash on it to make it calm.

General Features of Slime Rancher Apk

It is a fantastic game due to the following best features.


The game features an open-world sandbox where players are free to explore, play and experiment as they like.


The game features multiplayer options, allowing players to collaborate and share their ranching experiences with others.


You can also farm crops and gather resources to feed their slimes and upgrade their ranch. This adds an element of strategy and resource management to the game.

HD Graphics

The game features state-of-the-art graphics and sound quality. The vibrant colours of the slimes really stand out.

Free Download

It is free to download on Android, Xbox, PlayStation, iOS, Nintendo, and Windows.

In-game Items

It features many in-game items and collectables, such as treasures, weapons, upgrades, and food.

Exciting Gameplay

One can never get bored playing this game as it takes the player on an endless adventure where they interact with creatures, build farms, buy and sell on the marketplace, and rear slimes.

User-friendly Interface

The game is pretty easy to play and navigate. It offers easy navigation and can be played by children and adults.

Multi-language Support

This game supports English, French, German, Russian, Swedish, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese – Brazil, Korean, and Spanish – Latin America.

My Review

Slime Rancher was a fun game to play. After seeing the game’s hype, I decided to download it and see why it is so popular. After playing for a while, I understood the reason for its popularity. I play the game daily to feed the slimes and upgrade my tools and property. I have also modified my Vacpack and have found several hidden treasures. I also recommended this game to my friends, and they also love it. This game is a perfect way to pass the time and engage yourself. I have also installed the second part of the game, and I love that even more. With new characters, weapons, and characters, I have become a die-hard fan of the Slime Rancher series.


It is available on Android, Xbox, PlayStation, iOS, Nintendo, and Windows.

It is a first-person adventure game where you play in a world far away from earth. You breed, feed, and collect slimes and use the in-game currency to purchase valuables and upgrades.

Yes, it is free to download on mega-platforms.

Yes, the second version was launched on September 22, 2022, on Xbox and Windows. It is a prequel to the previous version and follows the journey of the main character, Beatrix LeBeau, on a new world, Rainbow Island.

Slimes are game characters, taking the shape of gelatinous creatures and are characterized as feral, docile, harmful, and non-farmable. Slimes can produce plorts which are sold to obtain Newbucks, a currency used to purchase goods from the market.

The game takes up to 16.67 MB of storage, has a current version of v1.0.3, and requires Android 2.2 and plus. On Windows, it requires Windows 7+, a 2.2GHz Dual Core processor, 4 GB RAM, graphics of 512MB VRAM, and 1 GB storage space.

Final Words

Overall, Slime Rancher apk is a fun, vibrant, and joyful game designed for people of all ages. If you love adventure games, then you must download them immediately. You will not be disappointed.