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NameDrag Battle
PublisherIce Storm
Last Updated03-02-2022



If you are looking for some exciting car racing game, Drag Battle APK is made for you. This game makes you feel the real thrill and excitement of racing a car. You might be fond of racing cars at high speed. But it can be dangerous.

You can drive a car at full speed in Drag Battle APK. You will get several exciting rewards and happiness. This is the most popular game by its developer Ice Storm. It can be played both on Android phones and PC.

If you have downloaded this game, you should read the reviews about this game. The reviews will help you to understand the game features properly. Here in this article, we are going to provide you with the complete review of Drag Battle APK.

Drag Battle APK

Read the article. Learn about game features. start playing then.


  1. Exciting racing supercars

Drag Battle APK includes many valuable supercars. If you are going to play this game, you will witness it. What fascinates you about racing? What do you want for racing? Of course, there may be several qualities that you want to have while starting racing in real life.

One important thing is the car for racing. You always have to have a car that runs super fast. A car that can make you win the race fascinates you the most. Isn’t this right? Surely, it is right. Cars are the important characteristics of the race.

Drag Battle APK offers you lots of different varieties of cars. You can choose any one of those for starting your race game.

  1. Customize you car

What is your favorite color in cars? What type of headlights do you want in your supercar? What type of improvements do you want in your racing supercars?

You might be thinking why I’m asking this question. Well, there is a surprise for you in Drag Battle APK. The Drag Battle APK not only provides you with a variety of supercars but also enables you to customize a car for yourself.

You can choose any of your favorite colors for a racing car. You can equip your car with your favorite headlight sets. You can also customize your car body, change the rims and wheels. In short, you can have a customized car for yourself.

Isn’t all this exciting? Surely, it is exciting.

  1. Take control of your car

After you customized your car, you have to take control. Now you have to warm up the tires of the car. Take a grip over the road. The RPM should be in the green zone for warming up tires.

Keep checking your car continuously. When you start a battle with full preparation, it is your first step towards winning the race. For a winning race, correct shifting is important. If you can’t take shifting on time, it will cause power loss.

You can use different ways to boost the engine of the car. Nitrous oxide boosts the engine of your racing car. You can use it temporarily.

  1. Maps

The Drag Battle APK includes different maps. When the race starts, you have to keep following that map. It will lead you towards the destination. In short, the maps are important to win the race.

The Drag Battle APK includes 4 regions. These regions include different locations. There are different sports tracks. All these you will see on the map of the game. keep following the map and win your race.

  1. Different Events

The game includes different championships and tournaments. All these events are important to polish your driving skills. Participate in all these events regularly.

You will learn real-life racing tracks through this game. To become a pro-level of The Drag Battle APK, play it daily and gain experience. Download the game and have some real-life fun. Cheers!

  1. Learn the physics of driving

Have you ever experienced real-life car racing? If you have the experience you must know the driving physics. What is important while racing a car? You can train yourself for real-life racing with this game.

You will learn the main physics of driving by this game. Weight distributions, aerodynamics, power to weight ratio, and tire composition are important to consider while driving.

  1. Levels

The game includes different levels. You will win different prizes after each level. Apart from different awards, you also get many benefits with each passing level. You can upgrade your car. You can buy a new part for your car.

You can learn different racing skills from this game. The more good skills you have, the more this game becomes interesting for you. Let’s download it and have some fun!

  1. Offline play

The Drag Battle APK is the best stress-relieving game. You can play this game even when you don’t have access to the internet. Isn’t it making you thrilling? Download the game from our website and enjoy the game.

  1. Graphics

The graphics of Drag Battle APK are very exciting. There are some amusing and attractive scenes in the graphics. You will observe snowfall on the cars while racing. There are high buildings and many more.

You will observe the moonlight. Street lights also welcome you to the game. You can race your car on a bridge too. In short, The Drag Battle APK has appealing and real-life scenes. You can enjoy the race with an amazing feel.

  1. Lively soundtracks

A game that includes some amazing soundtracks becomes an appealing game to play. The Drag Battle APK includes all the lively sounds. You can enjoy your race with a full feel. You can make your racing more interesting and enjoyable with the sound of the game.

But sometimes, you don’t want to listen to the sound. You want to fully focus on just the game. For that, you can turn off the sound of Drag Battle APK from the settings. It seems the developer of the game wants to make everything according to your will. Isn’t it?

Drag Battle APK

MOD Version

  1. Unlimited money/unlimited coins

The MOD version of this game includes unlimited gifts and money. You can download it and enjoy it.

Anybody can download this Mod version easily. It is any error and bug free.


Drag Battle APK is the best time-killing racing game. You can play this game if you find some free time from your hectic routine. Overall, the developer has done some great efforts to present a game free of bugs. The new updates of the game include some new thrilling and exciting features in the game. You can download this game from our website and enjoy playing it.

Good Luck!

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