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NameDarkness Rises
PublisherNEXON Company
Last Updated16-02-2022



Playing Darkness rises APK is a totally amazing experience that you will definitely praise after completing it. This game offers a unique gameplay experience no other mobile game can match. It is a game where you have to fight against monsters that could harm you.

There are a number of characters that you can choose from that you think are the most powerful or your favorite. Fight against monsters and defeat them using your skills, powers, and abilities on the battlefield. It is also possible to form a team and fight together to let the big and dangerous monsters know that your team is powerful and stronger than their power and scary faces.

With this game, you will never get bored since you’ll always find new adventures and surprises to enjoy. You can enhance your character’s power by equipping it with different gear, weapons, accessories, and equipment. Also, you can upgrade your character’s strength, power, and capabilities.

With each victory, you will receive unlimited coins, gems, and many other rewards that can be used to unlock new heroes, customize your character, and upgrade your heroes. This game is visually stunning, the audio effects used in the game are amazing, the interface is intuitive, and the gameplay is mind-blowing.

Download Darkness Rises APK for free from our website and starts battling with the monsters.

Darkness Rises APK

APK Features

Various Heroes

You will be given the option of choosing various heroes so you can select the one you like or is the most powerful one near you. Heroes have been classified based on their classes: Warrior, Wizard, Assassin, Berserker, and many others.

Character customization

Customize the appearance of your character with beautiful items. The whole appearance of your character can be changed by customizing its hair, dresses, color, and many other things you will get to know when you play it by yourself.

Players vs Players

You can use your creativity to defeat your opponents in the PVP battles and teach them a lesson, crush them off, and humiliate them.

Graphic Quality

It is a game that provides you with a good graphics quality that will keep you engaged for a long time. It is impossible to find any Android mobile game that compares to the quality of graphics used in this game.

Epic Dungeon Raids

Discover the dreadful dungeons and loot with your friends and guildmates.

Friendly interface

Since the user interface in darkness rises is extremely simple, every new player will easily understand it and will not encounter any difficulties.

In-app purchases

You will find that many features of the game are locked at the start of the game. Thus, in order to unlock them, you must spend real money to purchase them. You will be charged differently for each item depending on their abilities and power. Generally, the price starts at 0.63$ and goes up to 95.77$.

Downloading Process

Darkness Rises APK can be downloaded free on our website. Downloading it from our website will ensure that you will always have the most current, safest, and free version of the dark rises, which will protect your computer or device against viruses and harm.

Darkness Rises APK


Darkness Rises APK is the best android game. As you play this game, you will encounter many demons, monsters and other creatures that want to harm your world. In order to survive, you will have to fight them. To fight against enemies you must use the controllers located on the screen.

Using the controllers appropriately and destroying your enemies will prove useful to you to win the battle. Winning battles will award you with rewards that you can use to unlock new heroes, weapons, and even upgrade the existing ones with enhanced capabilities and abilities.

There is so much suspense and adventure within this game, and you will also face many challenges and missions throughout the game. Its graphics, sound effects, interface, and gameplay are captivating, astonishing, and engaging.


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