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Boom Beach APK is another mesmerizing game by Supercell. The game allows you to be the king of several islands and seas. You have to start building up different empires for your protection. The game is full of fun and thrill.

If you love exploring the world, this game is best for you. You have to explore the islands and upgrade your security. The game includes different enemies that can attack you on different stages.

You will enjoy this game. if you want to enjoy all the thrills of this game, download it right now. But wait! You should know all the features of this game. Of course, you have to know every detail of this game. It will help you to become a pro player in the game.

Let’s talk about some of the features of this game together.

Boom Beach APK

  1. Build your strong headquarter

First, consider you a single-man army. What will you do to conquer the world? What will be your first step towards getting success? You will have a strong base. The base will be your headquarters.

So in this game, you have to first build a strong headquarter for yourself. This will enable you to get different best resources. The more resources you get, the more powerful you will be. Now think about the next step. I mean what will you do after building a strong headquarters for you?

Think until we go to the next point. Let’s move and check if your guess is right.

  1. Start conquering

You will build a strong army at the next step. I hope you all guessed right. Well, a strong army with strong leadership can build empires. You have to gather the people to recruit in your army. Try to have a strong army.

Now you are ready to start your journey in exploring things. Good luck and enjoy your game!

  1. Missions

Now all your missions are ready to start. Firstly, you have to take down your enemies. Your enemies will be dressed up in black dresses. They are called blackguards. You have to remove these guards from your way.

The more clearly your path, the more your success is waiting for you. just play the game with full fun and move forward in the game.

  1. Online players

The Boom Beach APK can be played online. There are millions of online players. You can play with those online players every time you want. This will surely, increase your enthusiasm to play the game. Am I wrong? Well, I don’t think so.

You will get a real thrill in the game with all the features of this game when you download it. Let us move forward.

  1. Make your defense strong

As you are proceeding in the game, make sure to have a strong defense. This can be done by making the army stronger. When your army will be stronger, your defense will be stronger too.

You will observe some cute little characters in the game. These characters make you inspire and also help to make your defense stronger. So I think you shouldn’t wait for anything else and quickly download the game.

  1. Rewards in the game

This game will not leave you empty-handed. Now you are thinking what will we get? Well, as we have discussed earlier you have to build an empire. You will get several rewards in the game as the game proceeds.

You will get golden coins, diamonds, and many other rewards. These rewards will help you to build a strong headquarters and stronger islands.

  1. Graphics

The graphics of the game appeal to you to play it more. You will enjoy the battles with full thrill. The characters designed in the game are attractive and fascinating. You will feel better to have them in your army.

We have all imagined armies of small cute characters in childhood. We wanted to command them. Now your dream would have come true when you download this game.

  1. Sound

You can enjoy this game with awesome sound effects. The sound effects in the game create thrill in the game. You can enjoy the game with full fun. I bet, you will love the music and sound in the game.

Boom Beach APK

MOD Features

The game Boom Beach APK comes in the MOD version too. You can enjoy several features in the MOD Version of this game. Boom Beach APK can be downloaded in the MOD version from our website. Let’s explore the MOD feature of this game.

  1. Unlimited coins/unlimited money

The MOD version of this game includes unlimited money. If you download the MOD version of Boom Beach APK you will get unlimited coins too. There are diamonds in access in this version of the game.

  1. Ad-free

All of us want unlimited and smooth entertainment. We don’t like ads that pop up after a few seconds. This irritates and annoys us. So here is the good news that you can enjoy in the MOD version of Boom Beach APK.

The MOD version of this game is ad-free. Happy? Of course, you will be happy with this.


The whole game is about fighting. You have to create your army and then start fighting against all the enemies you have in the game like blackguards etc. This game can be played on a laptop and computer too.

Though it is an android game, it can be played on a laptop. You can download this game in MOD version from our website. Download it and have some fun!

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