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Do you love archery games and want to enter into the world of some real action game? Well, Archero MOD APK is the best shooting game where you are the only archer, and the whole world is against you. You have to fight with the oncoming waves of evil, survive their attacks, and defeat them. As you increase your level, the wave of evils becomes more robust, and you need more powerful weapons to defeat them. But to upgrade your weapons, you need coins and gems, which are pretty tricky to earn.

So, guys, are you ready to become the hero of your Kingdom? Let’s go!

Archero APK


Archero MOD APK is the updated version of the official Archero game where you can get unlimited gems, max HP, and all gems unlocked.

After starting the game, use the virtual joystick to change the player’s position. As enemies arrive, release the joystick. In this way, you will automatically hit your enemies. Players can also use obstacles as a cover.

Your mission? Kill all enemies, collect coins, and move to the next room with the help of a joystick. Then you can use these coins for upgrades like Death Nova and Attack Speed Boost.

Features of Archero MOD APK

Thousands of monsters

Classify all monsters. This is necessary because monsters in Archero MOD APK have a variety of attack abilities. They may attack by shooting lasers, long-range, and so on. If you are already familiar with the monster, you will know where to move to avoid bullets. You will choose a safe and convenient location for the attack.

Archero MOD APK is the only game with new monsters at each level. Every monster has its own unique powers. There are monsters that you cannot see. So, players have to think about new tactics to kill every new monster.

Many challenges

At each stage, you have to overcome monster classes with different powers. These monsters can appear from any side, such as your back, the entrance, or right where you stand. If you do not want to die in this place full of monsters and demons, you need to stay alert.


Archero MOD APK has several chapters. Each chapter is further divided into 50 levels with grid-based layouts. You complete nine levels by killing all your enemies on each screen. There is also a particular boss as you reach the 50th screen.


It would be an injustice not to mention pets here because they are your loyal and trusted friends on the battlefield. Pets can attack enemies, heal or increase your damage.

Impressive graphics

Besides attractive gameplay, the pictures of Archero MOD APK are also remarkable. While playing the game, you will not feel tired because of the stunning 3D graphics. Bright-colored images, thousands of monsters, and dozens of characters enhance the charm of this game. You will explore new maps, environments, and many exciting things at each stage. Thanks to professional graphic designers, many colorful and beautiful worlds have been added. Now players can experience the most authentic adventure because the graphics have been upgraded to full HD.

Free to download

Archero MOD APK is free to download and install. You need just a single click to enter into this fun action game. This game has received a lot of  inspiration from great games like The Binding of Isaac and Nuclear Throne, but players get a different experience every time they play this game.

Archero APK

MOD Version of this game

  • Unlimited Money: Money is key to unlocking talents. In Archero MOD APK, you have a total of 9 locked talents that can be unlocked only with the help of money. Two hundred coins are needed to unlock one locked talent. Earning coins by defeating monsters and completing chapters requires effort and time.

You can get real infinite coins in the modded version that may upgrade your character’s exp.

  • All Weapons Unlocked: When we complete a level, an angel comes to us and asks about our wish. We can choose to increase either our health or weapon damage. But in this modded version, we will get invisible guns unlocked features.
  • God Mode: If you want to become the god of the world, then this god mode is just for you. When this mode is used, your enemies cannot harm you, and you become indestructible.

Honestly speaking, I do not favor using this mode because you will lose overall enjoyment. You will destroy your enemies without any struggle.

  • Unlimited gems: The main feature of Archero APK is unlimited gems. Gems are used to upgrade and unlock all of your tactics. But there is a problem. You gain only a small amount of gems after completing missions. These gems are not enough to upgrade the overall character.

But be happy! In the modded version, there are infinite gems. You can spend them wherever you want. You can also use them to increase your energy.

  • High damage: This high damage feature allows the player to kill oncoming evil in just one shoot. What are you waiting for? Quickly install Archero MOD APK and start experiencing an exciting adventure game!


We all know, Habby is not a famous publisher. But their games are unique and exciting. A well-known game, Slidey, is also their production. Their latest game has got hundreds of millions of downloads with much positive feedback.

I am sure you are clear about everything related to Archero MOD APK. So, it is time to wrap up. Still, if you have queries, feel free to ask in the comment section. We love to answer you!

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