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Instander Apk Latest Version.

App NameInstander Apk
Latest Versionv 17.2
Size53 MB
Updated OnOctober 18, 2023
MOD InfoOriginal APK
RequirementAndroid 9.0 or Above

Do you love taking Insta-worthy photos and spending hours scrolling through Instagram? If so, then Instander Apk is the app for you. While you may like or save a post on Instagram, you have to take screenshots whenever you want to share it with someone. But not anymore with Instander, as you can download them directly to your phone.

Instander Apk-Story

Instander is a modded app added complementarity to the official Instagram app to enhance the user experience. While the original Instagram app is fascinating, there are a few issues with it, such as bugs, annoying ads, and an inability to download photos/videos. Such issues have been completely eradicated on this amazing modded app, where you can utilize Instagram to its full potential. You often come across impressive posts of your favorite celebrities or entertainment material you wish to send to your friends, but you cannot download them. No need to save or screenshot photos anymore. With this app, you can immediately download pictures, videos, or reels directly on your phone. 

What’s more is that you can enable the ghost mode, where you can disable your online status, typing, and read double-tick option, so the other user doesn’t know whether you have read the message. You can even disable story views and join live streams anonymously. You will no longer be bombarded with annoying ads as you skim through the stories. Also, you can post reels up to 60 seconds long. How interesting is that? Lastly, you can watch the reels and videos in HD. This app offers so much more without taking your penny. It’s absolutely free to use.

General Features of Instander Apk

Instander is a wonderful Instagram application which offers the following unique features.

No Ads

The best aspect of Instander Apk is that it disables all the annoying ads that come on posts and between stories. This allows you to have an uninterrupted experience.

Ghost Mode

The app comes with a Ghost Mode where the other person is unable to learn whether you have read their message. You can even disable story views and make yourself private. Also, you can watch live streams anonymously. 

Download Photos and Videos

Additionally, it is a photo and video downloader for Instagram where you can download your favorite Instagram posts and reels. You no longer need to screenshot them individually. You can even preview the media before downloading. Moreover, you can download photos/videos in your preferred format in a separate designated folder.

Friends List

On Instander Apk, you can create a custom close friends list where you can only share stories with selective people. You can even add or remove people from a close friends list without them knowing.

Language Translator

You cannot translate languages on the official Instagram app. On this app, you can easily translate foreign languages into the desired language.


The App comes with a gestures option, making navigating the app easier for people with special needs. You can download photos with a triple tap or zoom with a long tap.

Developer Mode

Furthermore, this app also has a developer mode where you can access crash reports and disable data analytics. This way, your data will be kept safe from third-party sites and applications.

Background Customization

Who said photos have to be boring? With this app, you can customize photo backgrounds and add vibrant fonts to make them appealing.

Better Quality

Instander Apk offers an option where you can enable/disable media quality. You can enable all options to get HD photos, videos, IGTV, and reels.

Verification Badge

The most significant feature of the Instander Apk version is that it allows you a verification badge. That blue tick is all we crave when using Instagram. This modded Instagram has made it possible for everyone to get the badge. All you must do is fill out the form for the verification badge and submit your username to get it.

Backup option

Instander also allows you to back up your data and restore any action you took mistakenly.

Automatic Updates

Unlike other mods, Instander automatically updates to the latest version. All you have to do is to enable auto-search for updates in the OTA Updates section.

Feed Customization

Instagram doesn’t give you the option to customize your feed and skip posts you do not want to see. Instander Apk has a separate feed customization option where you can enable or disable auto-play videos, hide liked posts, hide suggested friends, story-flipping, have an additional menu for comments, and a follows-you indicator.

In-app Lock

The Instander Apk version now also has an in-app lock option.

My Review

I do not have ample words to express how much I am indebted to Instander Apk for improving my Instagram experience and making me fall in love with it. I always wanted Instagram to have a download option. Thankfully that issue has been resolved with this app, as now I can download countless photos, videos, and reels to my phone. I also love the ghost mode, as I can remain anonymous while viewing messages and joining live streams. 


Instander is a modded version of Instagram which offers additional features, an ad-free experience, and developer options. It is added complimentarily to the official Instagram app.

It is currently available on Android. It can be installed on iOS devices via an emulator.

Yes, the app is absolutely free to download.

The app offers 60-second stories, HD reels/photos, a download option, ghost mode, data analytics, and no ads.

Instander automatically updates to the latest version, so you don’t need to worry about it.


Instander Apk is a remarkably modded app that has widely improved the Instagram experience for users worldwide. It is a must-have app for Insta-lovers.